Carla Alexandra Gonçalves

Group of Multidisciplinary Studies in Art, CEAACP/ Open University, Portugal

Carla Alexandra Gonçalves has been a full-time Professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Management at the Open University since 1999. She concluded her PhD at the University of Coimbra in February 2006 with the thesis “Sculptors and sculpture in Coimbra, a journey beyond the Renaissance”. Between 1999 and 2006 she was part of the Center for Interdisciplinary Historical Studies of the Open University. She is a researcher in the Center for Studies in Archeology, Arts and Heritage Sciences at the University of Coimbra, I&D unit no. 281, a member of the Group of Multidisciplinary Studies in Art since 2007, and a member of the Portuguese Association of Art Historians. She is the author of several books, articles and other papers within her areas of interest: sculpture from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries; Studies on the Body; Visual Anthropology; Psychology of Art; Phenomenology of Perception; Sociology of Art.

Books published with us

Title The Centre as Margin: Eccentric Perspectives on Art [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-447-4
Published in April 2019