Karl Bücher

Professor Bucher was born in Prussian Rhineland in 1847. He completed his undergraduate studies at Bonn and Gottingen (1866-69). His rapid rise in the German scholastic world is evident from his academic appointments: special lecturer at Gottingen (1869-72), lecturer at Dortmund (1872-73), at Frankfurt Technical School (1873-78), and at Munich (1881); Professor of Statistics at Dorpat, Russia (1882), of Political Economy and Finance at Basel (1883-90), at Karlsruhe (1890-93), and at Leipzig (from 1893). From 1878 to the close of 1880 he was Industrial and Social Editor of the Frankfurter Zeitung.

Books published with us

Title Industrial Evolution [Hardback]
Subtitle New Edition
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-005-6
Published in July 2013