Oliviu Felecan

Technical University Of Cluj-Napoca, North University Center Of Baia Mare, Romania

Oliviu Felecan is Prof. Dr. Hab. in the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Following his PhD dissertation in Philology (West University of Timişoara, 2004), Dr. Felecan has written widely on the field of onomastics including three books as author (The Concept of “Work” – A Sociolinguistic Perspective in Diachrony – 2004; The Romanian Language in European Context – 2009; An Onomastic Excursion into Contemporary Romanian Public Space – 2013), three books as co-author (& Nicolae Felecan: The Latin Language. Grammar and Texts – 2007, 2008; Annotated Everyday Dictionary of Latin Abbreviations, Phrases, Maxims and Quotations – 2007; Multum in parvo. Annotated Latin Phrases and Quotations – 2013, 2018), eleven volumes as (co-)editor, and over one hundred studies (in journals, proceedings, and books from 15 countries). He has managed two research projects,“Multiethnic Connections in the Anthroponymy of Maramureş, a Central European Area” (2009–2011) and “Onomastics in the Contemporary Romanian Public Space: Socio- and Psycholinguistic Research” (2010–2013), and has organized the four editions of the International Conference on Onomastics “Name and Naming”.

Books published with us

Title Onomastics between Sacred and Profane [Hardback]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-401-6
Published in March 2019