Gavin F. Hurley

Lasell College

Gavin F. Hurley is currently an Assistant Professor of Writing at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts where he teaches courses in Ethical Reasoning as well as Persuasive Writing. The student population at Lasell College seeks practical skill building and professional acumen; therefore, Dr. Hurley has experience instructing this type of professionally hungry audience. The Playbook of Persuasive Reasoning is formulated from his lecture and instruction notes from these courses. Dr. Hurley has taught persuasive writing and argumentation for eight years at several types of higher education institutions: including both public universities and private colleges. Specifically, he has taught first-year communication courses, intermediate communication courses, and advanced communication courses. Gavin F. Hurley earned his Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Rhode Island where he specialized in persuasive writing and reasoning. His doctoral dissertation examined The New Rhetoric, a 20th century practical reasoning guide written by Chiam Perelman and Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca. The Playbook of Persuasive Reasoning is, in some ways, inspired by The New Rhetoric and his dissertation work. Regarding his foundational education: he has a B.A. in philosophy from Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA) and a M.A. in Writing Arts from Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ). Finally, Dr. Hurley has published numerous articles on rhetoric, persuasion, and argumentation in scholarly collections and peer reviewed journals—and will continue to do so. He has presented numerous public talks at national venues on argument and persuasion as well.

Books published with us

Title The Playbook of Persuasive Reasoning [Hardback]
Subtitle Everyday Empowerment and Likeability
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-62273-274-6
Published in March 2018