Gonzalo Munévar

Lawrence Technological University

Gonzalo Munévar was awarded his Ph.D at Berkley University, where Paul Feyerabend acted as his Ph.D dissertation director. His dissertation argued that creatures with different brains were likely not only to perceive the world differently but also to conceptualize it differently, which had serious consequences for the philosophy of science and led Munévar to a social conception of scientific rationality. Dr. Munévar has spent his career publishing papers and edited collections of articles and monographs, including ‘Radical Knowledge’ and ‘Evolution and the Naked Truth’, on the crucial topics of the nature of evolution and neuroscience. Before retiring as a full professor, Munévar switched most of his teaching and research to neuroscience, including some experimental work that has continued in retirement. His other two intellectual commitments all along have been the philosophy of space exploration and the writing of literature. He has published two novels and recently completed two books of poetry.

Books published with us

Title A Theory of Wonder: Evolution, Brain and the Radical Nature of Science [Hardback, Color]
Edition 1st
ISBN 978-1-64889-197-7
Published in September 2021