How you can help promote your book

1. Include a link to your email signature, including the special discount code for your acquaintances. Also announce it on your website (ask us for high-quality images of the front cover) and also on professional and academic social media (LinkedIn, ResearchGate,


2.  Email your extended network of academic collaborators with a brief announcement about your book. If you have a blog, regularly participate in online forum discussions or are an active user of twitter and other social media, we would encourage you to announce your book, include it in your message signature and link to any reviews. If you engage regularly with writers of other blogs you may ask them to review your book (tell us and we will send them a free copy).


3. If you have a personal (or institutional) website, remember to include a web link pointing to your book's page at the Vernon Press website (see your book's persistent URL link above). This is a critical but under-appreciated way of raising your book's visibility. Because of the way Google and other search engines work, the greater the number of pages that link to your book, the greater the discoverability of your book on the internet. The popularity and relatedness of the pages that link back to you also play a role (e.g. a link from a university webpage counts for more than a link from a social media website).

4. Ask your institution's library, university campus bookshop or local bookshop about ordering your book. You can tell them they can order via YBP, EBSCO ebooks, ProQuest, Brodart, Nielsen or directly from us at a special discount (available for university libraries). We also offer generous discounts to campus bookstores, to encourage them to stock and resell your book. Many university libraries have a policy to stock works authored by their own staff and we will be glad to offer one copy to them for free so long as they cover the cost of tracked shipping. 


5. Consider writing a short article (2000-6000 words) summarizing the key arguments, findings and contributions of your book. Possible outlets for such articles include trade journals and newsletters, guest posts in popular blogs, and possibly academic journals. You have our explicit permission to republish short parts of your book (not exceeding the equivalent of a chapter) under the strict condition that you include a full reference to your book and its persistent URL as mentioned in #1 above.


6. Consider organizing a launch seminar presenting your book. Alternatively you may arrange a presentation of your book in one of the major academic conferences in your area. Conference organizers may be able to arrange special sessions for book presentations. We would be happy to provide you with promotional material and copies of your book on special event discount but you will need to contact us at least 6 weeks in advance.

7. Share with us the contact details of experts/colleagues who have an influence over the buying/reading decisions of others. These include book reviewers in specialized press, academic journal editors, university instructors who may consider it for course adoption and of course scholars who are already familiar with your work and would be prepared to perform a full public review or provide some brief favorable comments or praise. 

8. Now would be an excellent time to subscribe to academic mailing lists in your subject area, internet forums, or the newsletters of academic or professional associations and make an announcement about your book (or ask the forum moderators to do so on your behalf). As a specialist, you are uniquely placed to identify the right outlets for your book. Most of these outlets welcome such news provided you follow good online etiquette (check for any rules) and avoid repeated or misplaced announcements. If you feel that it would be more appropriate that we made the announcement on your behalf, please let us know.

9. Ask colleagues who are familiar with your work and qualified to express an opinion to write a frank review on Amazon, Goodreads or other online book review sites. This can help produce richer descriptions of your book's contents, a greater awareness of its strengths and may help undecided buyers.


10. Set up an author page at Amazon and with your biography, details about your book and other works. 


11. Please tell us of any promotional opportunities you feel we could make use of such as major events related to your book's topic, book awards you feel your book should be submitted for consideration, newspapers which may carry a review, national markets to which your book's translation rights should be actively marketed etc. Always feel free to ask us for promotional material (flyers, catalogs etc.).


Page last updated on December 24th 2022. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.