New Vernon Press title explores the personality differences between conservatives and liberals


Cover of Anthony Walsh's book A Nation Divided

A new title from Vernon Press, written by acclaimed author Anthony Walsh.

Activists have long claimed that “the personal is political”, but this book posits the converse: that the political is personal.

A Nation Divided: The Conflicting Personalities, Visions, and Values of Liberals and Conservatives uses the Big Five personality trait model to explore how the personalities of conservatives and liberals differ. Conservatives are found in almost all studies to be more conscientious, agreeable, and extroverted, while liberals are found to be more open to new experience and neurotic. The political divisions explored in this book are all essentially fueled by personality differences.

There is a deepening divide between liberals and conservatives in the battle for America’s soul: one side seeks to steer the nation sharply to the left into socialist selfdom, whereas the other side desires a wealthy and free America under the watchful eye of God’s providence. A preponderance of academic texts belongs to the liberal tradition. Conservatives have long lacked a comparable intellectual tradition of their own, although an incipient one is now beginning to form. This book, while maintaining a measure of scholarly distance, is unashamedly written from a conservative point of view. 


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