Pedagogy: Using Television Shows, Games, and Other Media in the Classroom

Laura Dumin (Ed.)

by Andrea Trudeau (Northern Illinois University), Jon Simmons (University of Connecticut), Jessica Wythe (Birmingham City University), Anastasia R. Wickham (Reach University), Jeaneen Canfield (University of Central Oklahoma), Lia Schuermann (Texas Woman's University), Laura Dumin (University of Central Oklahoma ), Daniel Atwood (Northwestern University), Leeda Copley (University of Central Oklahoma)

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This book takes a dive into moving beyond the essay as the only method for teaching and learning content. Authors range from instructors in K-12 to instructors in higher education and look at concepts as varied as using VR technologies to provide immersive experiences to students to use an app to help supplement teaching. Instructors in a variety of fields, both in and out of the writing classroom, may find project and assignment ideas to argue in their own classrooms. Instructors looking to provide a transformative learning experience in a new way will find lots of options here.

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Laura Dumin
University of Central Oklahoma

K-12 Classrooms
Chapter 1 Virtual Reality: A Pathway to Experiential Learning
Andrea Trudeau
Northern Illinois University
Chapter 2 A World in Crisis! Using Games to Teach Human Rights Concepts in Elementary Classrooms
Jon Simmons
University of Connecticut
Chapter 3 Gamification in Education How Gaming Can Be Used as a Tool to Drive Student Engagement and Increase Learning Outcomes for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Jessica Wythe
Birmingham City University
Chapter 4 To a Wide Audience: Writing in Multiple Modes and Genres
Anastasia R. Wickham
Reach University

College Writing and Teaching
Chapter 5 "So, I Thought This was a Writing Class!": Podcasting as Decolonized Knowledge Making
Jeaneen Canfield
University of Central Oklahoma
Chapter 6 Teaching Composition through Digital Game Design
Lia Schuermann
Texas Woman's University
Chapter 7 Teaching Intersectionality and Using Podcasts: A Discussion of Student Responses
Laura Dumin
University of Central Oklahoma

College Classrooms, Beyond the Writing Classroom
Chapter 8 Video Games and Fantasy Medievalism in the Music History Classroom
Daniel Atwood
Northwestern University
Chapter 9 Level Up your Classroom Management with Classcraft Gamification
Leeda Copley
University of Central Oklahoma

List of Contributors

Dr. Laura Dumin has been experimenting with transformative learning tools in the classroom for over 7 years. She finds that when students are engaged in the lessons, learning can happen organically, leading to more interesting class periods and longer-term gains in understanding concepts. Laura mixes her background in technical writing into all of her courses, bringing ideas of audience and clear communication into assignments. When she is not teaching, she works as a co-managing editor for the 'Journal of Transformative Learning' and as a campus SoTL mentor, while directing the Technical Writing BA and advising the Composition and Rhetoric MA programs. She has also recently begun exploring the impact of generative AI on writing classrooms and runs a Facebook learning community to allow instructors to learn from each other.

Transformative learning; virtual reality; games as teaching methods; autism and teaching children with autism; podcasts as teaching tools