Call for Book Chapters: "Lazuri: An Endangered Language of the Black Sea"

UNESCO’s website states that linguistic diversity is one of the pillars of cultural diversity around the world, which is threatened by language endangerment. Since each language carries a specific implication for identity, communication, and education, it is necessary to examine the unique ways through which endangered languages contribute to world heritage.

Like many regions facing the same issue, Turkey has 18 endangered languages, according to UNESCO, one of which is the Laz language (also known as Lazuri). To reveal how endangered languages contribute to world heritage, this book will focus on the Laz language. Thus, this book seeks work from established and emerging scholars on topics including but not limited to:

-Historical Background of Laz Language
-Laz Speakers and Communities
-Laz Language and Culture
-Current Status of Laz Language
-Linguistic Properties of Laz Language
-Documentation of Laz Language
-Responses to Endangerment of Laz Language

Submission Details:

Proposals should be between 300-700 words and should clearly describe the author’s thesis and provide an overview of the proposed chapter’s structure. Completed chapters are also welcome. All proposals/chapters should be prepared for blind review, removing any reference to the author. As a separate document, authors should provide a short CV containing contact information and relevant publications, presentations, and/or research on Laz Language.

Please email questions and submissions to the editor Züleyha Ünlü,

Submission Deadlines:

Abstract/Chapter Due:
31 December 2020
Notification of Acceptance: (no later than) 10 January 2021
Finalized Draft Due: 30 May 2021
Finalized Paper: 30 June 2021

This proposal is due on December 31st 2020.

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