Call For Book Chapters: ‘Bondian Drama’ and Young Audiences

Edward Bond is one of the most controversial and prolific playwrights of British theatre. Throughout his writing career, the playwright has challenged the conservative standpoint of theatre and education institutions which, he believes, alienate human beings ‒ especially children ‒ from their inner self. He reveals the cultural, psychological, social and individual conflicts of human beings between their inner self and outer world by exploring the effects of violent acts in his plays, some of which were staged in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Against the degradation of dignity and sociality in the modern world, the playwright has developed a creative collaboration with theatre in education companies, local or regional theater groups since the end of the 1980s. This collaboration has bought out theater plays for a young audience and also theoretical works, which have enabled artistic/educational benefits for all the stakeholders of the art of theater. Thus, this book seeks works from established and emerging scholars on topics including but not limited to:

  • Edward Bond and ‘Bondian Drama’
  • Theatrical and Pedagogical Background of ‘Bondian Drama’
  • ‘Bondian Drama’ and Theatre for Young Audiences
  • ‘Bondian Drama’ and ‘Dramatic Child’
  • ‘Bondian Drama’ and Theatre in Education (TiE)
  • Edward Bond’s Plays for Young Audience (Big Brum Plays, etc.)
  • Future Implications of ‘Bondian Drama’ on Theatre for Young Audiences

Submission Details

Proposals should be between 500-700 words and should clearly describe the author’s thesis and provide an overview of the proposed chapter’s structure. Completed chapters (7000 – 10000 words) are also welcome. All proposals/chapters should be prepared for blind review, removing any reference to the author. As a separate document, authors should provide a short CV containing contact information and relevant publications and presentations.

Please note that submitted proposals/chapters should not have been previously published or currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Proposals/Chapters should follow APA style. There are no submission or acceptance fees for manuscripts submitted to this book publication.

Please email questions and submissions to the editor Dr. Uğur ADA,

Submission Deadlines

Abstract/Chapter Due:                               15 August 2021
Notification of Acceptance:                       1 September 2021
Receiving Full Drafts of Chapters:            1 November 2021
Finalized Full Drafts of Chapters:             15 December 2021

About the Publisher

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This proposal is due on August 15th 2021.

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