Call for Book Chapters:  "Postcoloniality, Indigenousness, and National Consciousness in Select Literature(s) and Film(s): A Critical Study"

Vernon Press invites book-chapter proposals for a forthcoming interdisciplinary volume on the subject of "Postcoloniality, Indigenousness, and National Consciousness in Select Literature(s) and Film(s)".


‘National consciousness’ and careful registering of so-called ‘indigenousness’ are two important features which seem to have found their easy but steady ways into novels, poetry, and numerous films produced all over the world, following the conclusion of the First World War. On the one hand, the imperialists have used them to assert and sustain their identity as colonisers; on the other, in countries of Africa and in India, these became significant postcolonial features which, in turn, led to an increased struggle to gain independence from imperialist domination. The situation seems to be little different even in the post-Second World War-world. Currently, writers and filmmakers have found completely newer means to assert their indigenousness, which include restructuring of myths and retelling of old tales of battles and struggles. These have significantly contributed to the pronounced postcoloniality of the present century.

The proposed anthology of critical writings aims to collect essays which focus on how national consciousness and expression of indigenousness have come to be regularly explored in post-1918 (a) English Literature and Films; (b) American Literature and Films; (c) Australian Literature and Films; (d) African Literatures in English and Films; and (e) Indian English writings and Indian movies.


If you are interested in contributing to the book, please submit your abstract (200-220 words), and biography (100 words, affiliation research field and 3-4 publication list) by August 1st 2022 to the book-editor Prof. (Dr.) Pinaki, with C.C. to

If you are accepted, we will ask you to consider the following publication details:

Deadline for full article: 15th November 2022
Length: 6,500 - 8,500 words including endnotes and bibliography,
Style: M.L.A.-style of citations (preferably as per the specifications of M.L.A. 6th edition)
Submission:, with C.C. to

This proposal is due on August 1st 2022.

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