Call for Book Chapters: Lessons from Regional Responses to Health, Environmental and Security Challenges in Latin America

Emerging challenges in the 21st century transcend traditional state borders and require inter-governmental coordination to produce collective responses, a process that is increasingly embedded in regional and sub-regional organizations. Over 20 of these organizations are located in Latin America where they are entangled in multiple complementary, overlapping and competing agreements. Much of the literature on this topic has focused on economic integration or institutional analysis, but fewer works have explored the collaborative aspect of Latin American responses to emerging issues within three key domains: public health, environmental protection, and security.


This edited volume will seek to examine the collective efforts of Latin American states to address common challenges within these areas over the past decade, as well as the effect that this has on regional integration processes. It aims to answer questions such as:

  • How do Latin American mechanisms for regional coordination contribute to addressing public health, environmental protection and security challenges? 
  • To what extent are such efforts successful? 
  • In what ways does this impact the ongoing process of Latin American integration? 
  • What lessons can be drawn for both Latin America and other regions? 

We seek submissions of chapter proposals that address these, or similar types of questions at the regional, sub-regional or inter-governmental level; diverse perspectives and methodologies are welcome.


The deadline for submitting a proposal for a potential chapter contribution is July 15, 2022. This could be in the form of an abstract or summary between 500 and 700 words. Your proposal should contain the main argument of your chapter as well as a suggested outline. Please also include your name, current affiliation and contact details.



  • 15 July 2022: Deadline for submitting chapter proposals to the editor
  • 20 July 20 2022: Final decisions regarding the selection of chapters will be communicated
  • 30 November 2022: Deadline for submitting the full text of accepted chapters

Please send your submissions or any other queries directly to the volume editor: Ivo Ganchev, Centre for Regional Integration and Queen Mary University of London, at /


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