Call for Book Chapters: "Culture by origin & Culture by diffusion"

We invite chapter contributions for inclusion in an edited collection on Cultural Studies, Culture by origin & Culture by diffusion.

Cultural Studies trace the relationships among aesthetic, anthropological, and political-economic aspects of cultural production and reproduction. Cultural studies scholars and practitioners often begin their inquiries by questioning the common understandings, beliefs, and histories that shape our world. And thus, it helps in understanding the compleity of day-to-day life and the practices, habits, rituals, and beliefs being weaved in the social matrix and laden with values and meaning. 

Culture is an umbrella term to hold many aspects at one go. In terms of Asian culture, knowing Asia is only possible from a multidimensional approach. This volume proposes a collection of essays/chapters from and about cultural studies; it not only aims to demonstrate the range, diversity and infectious excitement of the field but also to showcase the specificity of culture. 

This volume aims to collect diverse views from Asia (East and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc.), in order to define the project of cultural studies. The title is intended to be taken quite literally: Culture by origin & Culture by diffusion. Definitions of Culture range from the explicit to the implicit, from historical cartographies of its past to claims made about its future. What makes this volume unique is its self-imposed concentration of focus; this proposed volume is not merely an introduction to cultural studies but also a portrayal of it through a series of attempts to define it from various perspectives. It does not offer examples of work in the field but instead collects works that will attempt to define it. 

Possible contributions include:

  • Cultural Studies and Media
  • Cultural Studies and Feminism
  • Cultural Studies and prestige/hegemony
  • Boundaries between cultures
  • History of Cultural Studies
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Cultural Psychology
  • Cultural Studies and Queer Theory

How to submit your proposal:

Please submit one-page chapter proposals to, including a summary, a short biographical note, and (if applicable) a list of similar titles. 

Deadline for abstract submissions: August 20, 2022

This proposal is due on August 20th 2022.

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