Call for Book Chapters: “Teaching and Learning Classics at University Level”

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming scholarly volume on “Teaching and Learning Classics at University Level”, edited by Alberto Regagliolo.
Classics is a field of study that allows one to explore issues related to ancient Greek and Roman culture in various disciplinary fields. The training of a classical philologist passes not only through the acquisition of the classical language, but also through linguistics, such as metrics, the history of the language, and the connection with the Romance languages. Secondly, literature embraces styles and genres from which we greatly continue to inherit in the present day: think of Greek tragedy and comedy, the epic, the poetry, to just name a few. Indeed, the whole culture. It is well known that language and culture go hand in hand, feeding and supporting each other. Knowing how the ancient Greeks and Romans lived, their customs, beliefs, ways of dressing, cooking, their myths, education, or how love was understood, affords solid foundations to those who approach this study. Not forgetting, however, how history, art, philosophy,
and archaeology, help to understand the past. The interweaving between these and other sectors, therefore, enriches the knowledge of the student in enabling them to understand the past and reflect on the present.
The volume Teaching and Learning Classics at University Level is meant to be a guiding resource for both teachers and students of classics who want to deepen their interest in the acquisition, learning and teaching methodologies of Classics in Higher Education.
The broad themes that we are interested in are as follows:

  • Teaching of the language and literature
  • The teaching of mythology
  • Introduction to classical archaeology for students
  • Classics for philologists
  • How to introduce Love in antiquity
  • Daily life in Rome
  • Roman law for classicists
  • Teaching literature: text and context
  • Resources on Women in antiquity
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching metrics
  • How to introduce classical art
  • And other themes related to literature, history, art, geography, linguistics, and education, always from a teaching and learning perspective.

Each chapter will be a reference point regarding the methodologies, resources and educational proposes.
If you are interested in contributing to the edited volume, please submit your proposal (around 300 words), and biography (100 words) by October 10, 2023, to the editor Dr. Alberto Regagliolo

This proposal is due on October 10th 2023.

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