Call for Book Chapters: The Liminal Beings: Vulnerability and Resilience

Vernon Press invites book chapters for the forthcoming edited volume titled The Liminal Beings: Vulnerability and Resilience, edited by Dr. Raisun Mathew, Assistant Professor of English at Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), India.

Power structures in society often exercise coerciveness that can lead to the marginalization and oppression of individuals and communities, leaving them voiceless and vulnerable. Be it physical, social, or economic conditions, the victimized are susceptible to exploitation, abuse, and victimisation leading to an in-between existence of neither being able to accept nor escape it. Such liminal conditions are highly vulnerable, intersecting, and have the potential to cause severe impacts on the victims. With a focus on the theoretical dimensions of liminality and vulnerability, this call for book chapters invites contributions to a deeper understanding of the effects of vulnerability on victimised individuals/communities by exploring the underlying reasons for vulnerability, and thereby seeking possible solutions for building resilience and overcoming the entrapment of liminal vulnerability.  

Themes include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Theoretical perspectives on the dynamics of vulnerability, liminality, and resilience

2. Contemporary discussions on topics of public interest

3. Capitalism, spatiality, and social determinants of vulnerability

4. International affairs, legal frameworks, and power politics

4. War/Violence, revolutions, and human rights issues

5. Legal frameworks, government policies, and social support

6. Community-based approaches/movements to fostering resilience

7. State apparatuses (ISA/RSA), structural inequalities, and social stratification

8. Media, post-truth, and the pandemic scenario

9. Psychological dimensions of vulnerability and resilience

10. Global perspectives, challenges, and criticisms on vulnerability and resilience



1. The focus of the chapter has to be on liminality/various liminal aspects related to vulnerability/resilience.

2. As we have already received abstracts based on literary perspectives, we do not encourage submissions based on film/literary works.


How to submit your proposal?

Please submit a 250-word abstract of the research article focusing on the background, objective, methodology, preliminary findings, and conclusion to the editor, Dr. Raisun Mathew, at, by August 20, 2023 (extended deadline). Include a 75-word biographical note and contact details (email and WhatsApp number) of the author(s). The subject line of the submission must be ‘Abstract – [Author Name] – Vernon Press’.

Abstract Template: 

Contributors whose abstracts get selected will receive the Vernon Press submission guidelines to prepare a 6000-word chapter.


20 August 2023: Extended deadline for abstract submission

01 September 2023: Notification of acceptance/rejection

15 November 2023: Deadline for full chapter submission

01 February 2024: Deadline to submit revised manuscripts

01 March 2024: Full manuscript submitted to the publisher

This proposal is due on August 20th 2023.

Page last updated on August 1st 2023. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.