Call for Book Chapters: "Exploration of Cultural Landscape Through Historical Perspective"

Vernon Press invites book chapters for a forthcoming edited volume on the subject of "Exploration of Cultural Landscape Through Historical Perspective."

The present volume aims to analyse the contemporary trend of research from an environmental perspective as and to explore various untouched and unexplored geo-historical facts. We seek to incorporate high quality papers based on the current scenario of geographical contradictions. The present volume aims to justify the large-scale variability of climatic parameters in the present climate change scenario. The edited volume will rely on the chapters formulated with primary sources of data primarily. The invention of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques have always been an integral part of geo-climatic research; maps have been generated with geo-spatial technologies. Environmental issues both for the rural and urban will be well incorporated in the edited volume. In the present climate change scenario, the innovations of agricultural technology, crop calendar modification, and cultivation of short-duration crop varieties have gained the attention of scientists, researchers, and academicians above all the farming communities.
These issues are highlighted in the proposed volume. Special emphasis is given to the livelihood vulnerability and adaptation strategies in different fragile environments of Earth. Geo-historical research along with geo-archaeological fundamentals will make the book different from the others. There will be a combination of archaeology and sedimentology; as some of the papers highlight the growth and evolution of agriculture in the different sediment layers. The present volume exemplifies interdisciplinary research as the papers will highlight not only the environmental and human issues but also the historical evolution of different cultures, traditions, and customs. To the best of our knowledge, none of the previous books/edited books have been capable of solving geo-historical and archaeological issues. The issues of agricultural innovations, crop calendar modifications, and cultivation of non-traditional cash crops will undoubtedly attract the attention of researchers, scholars, scientists, and academicians of various domains. It is presumed that in the present climate change scenario, along with the sudden occurrences of hazards and disasters, the edited book will be an authentic resource for scholars of social and physical sciences.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Transformation of human society
  • Urban settlement
  • Rural settlement
  • Hazards and disasters
  • Human migration
  • Welfare Geography
  • Post-modern approach
  • Evolution of cultural landscape
  • Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Art and culture
  • Human architecture
  • Tribal Geography
  • Human tradition and customs
  • Late-Holocene Archaeology

Please submit an abstract no longer than 500 words to book editors Dr. Munmun Mondal, Dr. Asutosh Goswami, and Dr. Prodip Kumar Chakraborty at


Deadline for abstract submission: July 10, 2023
Papers acceptance: July 15, 2023
Deadline for full paper submission: September 30, 2023

This proposal is due on July 10th 2023.

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