Vernon Press invites book proposals for our new series on “Climate Change and Society.”

Many challenges facing humanity today such as overpopulation, poverty increase, and environmental degradation, are the result of or are exacerbated by global warming. As temperatures continue to increase and sea-levels continue to rise, the urgency with which we need to tackle this potential global disaster is becoming far greater.

For governments across the world, climate change governance is a high-priority. The 2015 Paris Climate Accord, which saw countries with seemingly irreconcilable differences unite in a shared agenda, was a global success for climate diplomacy (Dimitrov, 2016). It’s hybrid approach to climate policy was heralded as fair, balanced and even ‘revolutionary’ (Dimitrov, 2016 and Hale, 2016). However, with the US’s withdrawal from the agreement, a serious threat is being posed not only to the success of the accord but to global climate cooperation as a whole (Urpelainen & Van de Graaf, 2017). As a result, now more than ever, immediate analysis of the scientific, moral, economic and human consequences of climate change is needed.

Gathering information from a variety of disciplines and perspectives including, economics, sociology, geopolitics, politics, and law, will provide the necessary framework for developing sustainable solutions that try to counteract and diffuse the impact of climate change.

We invite submissions from different disciplines that address climate change. Our intention is to create a compelling series, reflecting today’s challenges, problems, and solutions, as well as promoting new approaches with the aim of re-establishing Global Sustainability. Possible contributions may include the following topics (non-comprehensive list):

  • Climate change and food security
  • Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Resilience
  • Internal and external Migration, Refugees
  • Green growth  
  • Climate Change and Disaster Management
  • Role of Renewable Energy Sources in a Warming World
  • Climate Change and Energy: Policies, Planning & Management
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Urbanization and flood risk implications in coastal and other areas
  • Local vs. global consumption
  • Policy challenges in food production
  • New cities design
  • Sustainability


Deadline for proposals: April 30th 2019


How to submit your proposal

Please submit one-page monograph proposals at or, including an annotated summary/motivation, a short biographical note and (if applicable) a list of similar titles. More information on what we look for in a proposal is available on our website.


About the publisher

Vernon Press is an independent publisher of scholarly books in the social sciences and humanities. We work closely with authors, academic associations, distributors, and library information specialists to identify and develop high quality, high impact titles. Forthcoming titles in this series include Climate Change Communication in the Age of Trump.


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Hale, T., (2016), ‘”All Hands on Deck:” The Paris Agreement and Nonstate Climate Action’, Global Environmental Politics, vol. 16, no.3, pp. 12-22

Urpelainen, J., & T. Van de Graaf (2017) ‘United States non-cooperation and the Paris agreement’, Climate Policy


This proposal is due on April 30th 2019.

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