Call for Book Chapter Proposals: "Intersectionality and Cultural Politics of Childhood and Youth: Some Reflections"

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming scholarly volume on "Intersectionality and Cultural Politics of Childhood and Youth: Some Reflections".

This proposed volume will explore the cultural politics of childhood and youth in the background of intersectionality. The chapters of the volume aim to focus on cultural aspects of children's and young people’s lives, especially their language learning, formation as well as usage in everyday life. By cultural politics of childhood and youth, we would refer to the combination of cultural contexts, social practices and political processes through which childhood and youth are constructed in different societies and at different times (James and James, 2008b). The experiences of children and youngsters are factored by different histories, geographies and anthropologies, pointing at the interplay of constraining structures and the dynamism of agency. Likewise, everyday language use of children and youth plays a significant role in constructing and reconstructing social realities, including their gender, class and religious identities and many more.  Thus, this proposed volume calls for theoretical, methodological and empirical papers exploring the interface between global and local processes in the production of childhood and youth culture, focusing on the lived experiences of these two age-groups from different parts of the world. Papers shall emphasize especially on their experiences of cultural learning and usage (e.g., language, religious rituals, symbols or beliefs, etc.)  so as to identify how gendered, class-based, regional or religion-specific linguistic, behavioral, and other cultural patterns come into play and shape the life-worlds of the children and youth. The volume will also focus on how the structure-agency debate can be related to the study of children’s and young people’s cultural experiences across the globe.

Abstracts, followed by full papers are invited from interested scholars, academicians, and others on the following and related themes:

  • Cultural politics of childhood/ youth in a global or local context
  • Children’s/ young individuals’ language learning and usage as a part of cultural learning in local and global context
  • Intersectional experiences of children’s/ youth’s cultural life in global North and South
  • Impact of language/ religion/ rituals/ customs/ beliefs/ symbols etc. on the behavioural and linguistic pattern of children’s/ youngster’s life
  • Children or youth and the structure-agency debate in local or global contexts
  • Peer group affiliation and lived experiences of children or youth with respect to cultural learning.


Submission Dates:

  1. Abstracts within 300 words are to be submitted to the following email address by 20th November 2023.
  2. Selection of abstracts will be notified by 10th December 2023.
  3. Full papers within 6000 words to be submitted by 31st January 2024.
  4. Chicago Manual Style of Citation and Referencing (17th Edition) to be followed properly.

Please send the proposal for abstracts to the editor, Dr. Chandrabali Dutta, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Hiralal Mazumdar Memorial College for Women, Kolkata, India. (

This proposal is due on November 20th 2023.

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