Call for Book Chapter Proposals - Epidemics: A holistic perspective

Vernon Press cordially invites scholars to submit book chapter proposals for an upcoming scholarly volume on Epidemics: A Holistic Perspective, edited by Dr. Divesh Dik.

Epidemics have influenced the human civilization in various manner across different time periods. There are several factors which are attributable to the cause and consequences of the epidemics. The objective of this volume is to discuss the impact of the various epidemics on the people across the globe. The various biological and cultural factors which are involved in the cause and the after effect of the epidemic are the matter of concern. Anthropologists have a complicated history with their contribution of the study of epidemics and their control. Health professionals have always played a crucial role in the management of the disastrous effect of epidemics. Enhancement in the anthropological interest in the way epidemics are visualised has led to studies that go beyond the usual illustrative or representational focus on epidemic images. Observed as a process that contributes but also challenges epistemological and political aspects of epidemics, visualisation is thus becoming a new terrain of medical anthropological research. 

This volume will focus on the following thematic threads: the study of zoonotic disease or interspecies transmission of pathogens, the infrastructural and material aspects of epidemics, nutritional factors causing epidemics, counter-epidemic intervention and cultural perspective of epidemics. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Challenges to the federal health agencies of the countries to counter the ill effects of the epidemics.
  • How lack of preventive care is proving detrimental to the maintenance of public health?
  • Importance of the Primary Healthcare Centres in the rural areas
  • Challenges for the establishment of the cost effective healthcare services
  • Ways to increase the access of the health services to the common citizen
  • Medical practices prevalent across various tribes
  • Malnutrition as the source of the degradation of health among the citizens
  • COVID 19 pandemic as a lesson for future
  • Challenges for maintenance of the optimum health of females
  • Health issues among the children
  • Epidemics in the past 
  • Pathogenesis of various diseases 
  • Maternal health as a matter of concern



Prospective authors are kindly requested to submit their chapter proposals by February 15, 2024 (a 500 word-maximum abstract) 

Proposal acceptance will be notified by March 01, 2024.

Contributors whose abstracts get selected will receive the Vernon Press submission guidelines to prepare a chapter.

Full chapter submissions are to be delivered by March 30, 2024.

For further details and submission guidelines, please contact the volume's editor, Dr. Divesh Dik at:


Please follow the Chicago style of referencing. The acceptance of the abstract is provisional. The acceptance of the complete manuscript will be decided only after a peer review process. The maximum word limit for the complete chapter is 5000 words. The plagiarism must be below 10 percent. The chapter must not be published anywhere else before.

Editor Information:

Editor's Name: Dr. Divesh Dik
Qualification: Ph.D.( Anthropology)
Institution: Department of Anthropology, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Designation: Deputy Chair, Commission on Aging and the Life Course,
International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological


This proposal is due on February 15th 2024.

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