Call for Book Chapters: “Resistance to Classification”

Vernon Press invites book chapters for a forthcoming edited volume on the subject of “Resistance to Classification.”

Dr. Nick Walker (2021) activates “neuroqueering” in her book Neuroqueer Heresies as “intentional noncompliance with the demands of normative performance” (p. 3). Inherently, the verb of neuroqueer resists the classification of neurotypical and heteronormative classification within our binary and colonized society. Queer, decolonization and story as verbs demand active participation in declassifying Euro-American definitions of what is normal and expected of us, our fields and our participation and compliance with(in) them. Hence, it is urgent that we not only discuss, but make intentional action of declassifying the borders and boundaries between identity, nation and embodiment.

Hence, Resistance to Classification identifies those methodologies, subjects and methods that are outside of what we deem the norm; with the goal of establishing a collection of weird, unfamiliar, and unordinary works of art, scholarly writing, and poetics.

This volume hence welcomes forms and subjects that go beyond typical acts / of writing, scholars beyond the University, as well as new and emerging scholars - graduate students are especially encouraged to submit. This is a list of potential ideas, including but no limited to:

● Neurodiversity and queerness
● Neurodiversity and gender identity
● Analysis of poetry and art outside the bounds of form
● poetry and art outside the bounds of form
● Border and the open wound
● Sovereignty and re-definitions of nationhood
● Trans- (nationalism, gender)
● Bodies and actions in resistance to/outside of the University
● Indigeneity
● Disability studies
● Mad studies
● Cross-language/untranslatability

Abstracts of no more than 350 words are due by February 5, 2024, with full chapters (max. 10,000 words) due on September 15th, 2024.
Please send all questions, concerns and abstracts to G Koffink ( 

This proposal is due on February 5th 2024.

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