Call for Book Chapters: “Community Health Development: Exploring Innovative Approaches to Achieving Health Equity in Rural Communities”

In recent times, there have been several calls for a paradigm shift emphasizing the need for strategic community-centred approaches to health programming. The recognition of social determinants, such as economic stability, education, social and cultural norms, and healthcare access, have been identified to exert crucial influences on health outcomes, particularly, for rural community dwellers. Additionally, climate change is increasingly putting strain on health systems and facilities with communities becoming more vulnerable. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for resilient healthcare systems and the role of collaborative efforts at the community level. Therefore, these evolving dynamics of community health demand innovative strategies, interdisciplinary collaboration, and enhanced commitment to addressing the roots of health inequalities. As we navigate these changing landscapes, it is important to foster community empowerment, strengthen healthcare infrastructures, and promote inclusion to build resilient communities capable of effectively, adapting to the emerging challenges of our times.

The Volume Collection aims to compile diverse perspectives and case studies on the latest knowledge and evidence to create a comprehensive resource for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.


As such, papers should include one or more of the following dimensions:

  • Original conceptual, empirical, and/or synthesis research
  • Successful and/or novel strategies related to policy, programme design and implementation, service delivery, monitoring and evaluation

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Advocacy Efforts to Advance Community Health and Health Equity
  • Community-Based Approaches to Addressing Social Norms and Promoting Health-seeking Behaviours
  • Emerging Threats to Community Health (e.g., Climate Change, Conflicts)
  • Community-Based Approaches/Models to Addressing Non-communicable Diseases
  • Healthcare Digitalization and Data Management
  • Risk Perception and Health Behaviours


Deadline: Kindly submit an abstract no longer than 500 words, and a brief bio (max. 300 words) to Queen Chikwendu (, the volume editor, by February 29, 2024. Contributors whose abstracts get selected will receive the Vernon Press submission guidelines to prepare a Chapter.

Full Chapter submissions should be submitted by May 31, 2024.

This proposal is due on May 31st 2024.

Page last updated on December 5th 2023. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.