Call for Book Proposals: Monograph or edited volume proposals for our series on Philosophy

Vernon Press invites monographs or edited volume proposals for our series on Philosophy.

Philosophy questions everyday assumptions, reflecting on the most basic and most widely shared elements of human experience. These fundamental questions are the result of a centuries-old philosophical tradition that has shaped the very essence of modern society. Reflecting on these questions and answers in a systematic, definitive, and rigorous way, Philosophers and theologians reframe age-old questions to make them applicable to today’s generation. It is in this way that new insights and sets of problems arise that were not previously considered.

Vernon Press is keen to cultivate the next generation of philosophical thought that seeks to address these everyday assumptions and foster a deeper understanding of our position in contemporary society. The ambition is to create a distinctive and commanding series that facilitates an understanding of the different fields of philosophical inquiry from a range of perspectives.

The scope of the present call is broad. Possible topics include (non-comprehensive list):


- "Freedom of Speech: Implications for the Global Community"


- "A Philosophical Justification for Academic Freedom in the Global Community"


- "Philosophical Ethics, Politics, and Human Rights"


- "Philosophy and Political Violence"


- "A Philosophical Foundation of Social Justice"


- "Free Will, Neuroscience and Criminal Punishment"


How to submit your proposal

Please submit monograph proposals (approx. two pages) to including a summary, a short biographical note and (if applicable) a list of similar titles using this form: Proposal form. More information on what we look for in a proposal is available on our website.

About the publisher

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This proposal is due on January 1st 2025.

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