Call for Chapter or Book Proposals: monograph or edited volume proposals for our series on Sociology.

Vernon Press invites monograph or edited volume proposals for our series on Sociology.

Sociologists’ subject of study might be one of the most complex and broad to disentangle. Addressing questions such as, what holds a society together? or what are the shared experiences, perspectives, values or beliefs that make people feel part of a group? For centuries, sociologists, such as Emile Durkheim and Max Weber, have tried to examine how humans interact with each other and how human behaviour is shaped by social structures. 

This call is open to proposals that address all types of Sociology, from General Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Family Sociology, Sociology of Organization, Sociology of Religions, Sociology of Race to Sociology of Youth, among others.

The scope of the present call is broad. Possible topics include (non-comprehensive list):

- Smart society/city/community/people 

- Neurosociology

- Terrorism, class conflict and inequalities

- Bullism, stalking and other forms of young deviance

- Youth Cultures

- Peace economy

- Capitalism and/ or corporate social responsibility

- The relationship between religion and politics

- Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity

- Sociology of Gender and Sexuality

- Social Movements

- Consumerism

- Unequal distribution of power

- Collective conscience

- History of Sociology

How to submit your proposal

Please submit monograph proposals (approx. two pages) to including a summary, a short biographical note and (if applicable) a list of similar titles using this form: Proposal form. More information on what we look for in a proposal is available on our website.

About the publisher

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Iannone, R. et al. (2016) Network Society: How Social Relations rebuild Space(s). Vernon Press.



This proposal is due on May 15th 2024.

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