Call for Chapters: Eurofringes: Translating texts, translating culture

Vernon Press invites contributors to the volume entitled Eurofringes. Translating texts, translating cultures, aiming to explore the way in which cultures are a fluid concept, being ‘translated’ from one geographical space to another, by means of individual authors and texts. The conference will therefore explore the dynamics between translation and culture regarded not only as re-construction, encounter and negotiation of texts, but also as a means of re-interpreting the world.

Contributors are invited to approach cultural narratives and texts in their diversity – from fictional to nonfictional, from visual to performative, from imaginary to autobiographical. Thus, the volume will critically engage with, reflect upon and interpret (inter)cultural encounters within the analyzed texts. 

In this respect, participants are invited to contribute to the above theme from the following perspectives:

  • Literary studies
  • Translation studies
  • Social Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Didactics

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please send an abstract (300 words maximum) and 6-8 keywords to Carmen Dutu, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Bucharest,, by 1 October 2019.

The papers should be submitted by 1st February 2020, the latest. The collection will be published in a volume, at Vernon Press.

Please observe the MLA style described at For further information, do not hesitate to contact the editor.

This proposal is due on October 1st 2019.

Page last updated on August 27th 2019. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.