Call for Book Chapter Proposals β€” Forgiveness: Social and Political Dimensions

Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming scholarly volume on social and political dimensions of forgiveness. All philosophically-based schools of thought are encouraged to submit. Other disciplines are encouraged to submit, as long as the chapter contains a clear philosophical component. Also, proposals dealing with corollary issues like resentment, anger, mercy, and vengeance are welcome, as long as they are appropriately related to and clearly discussed in relation to forgiveness.


Vernon Press has commissioned Volume 6 in their The Philosophy of Forgiveness Series. The volume will focus on the social and political dimensions of forgiveness. Chapters should focus on a timely social or political topic and its connection to the philosophy of forgiveness. The author should clearly argue, explain, and/or interpret their conception of forgiveness, as relevant to a specific social or political topic.    


Abstracts Due: March 10, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: April 10, 2020
Finalized Draft Due: September 10, 2020
Finalized Paper: December 10, 2020

Submission Details

Proposals should be between 300-700 words, and should clearly describe the author’s thesis and provide an overview of the proposed chapter’s structure. All proposals should be prepared for blind review, removing any reference to the author. As a separate document, authors should provide a short CV containing contact information and relevant publications, presentations, and/or research on forgiveness.  Please email questions and submissions to

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This proposal is due on March 10th 2020.

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