Call for Book Proposals – Monographs or Edited Volumes on Human Geography

Vernon Press invites book or chapter proposals on Human Geography.

Human geography refers to geographical interpretations of economies, cultural identities, political territories, and societies. It follows that the discipline has always been intrinsically sensitive to societal change, with the popularity of research subjects evolving accordingly. Over the last thirty years attention in the economic field, for example, has turned to the concept of ‘globalisation’; in the political field, the fallout from the disappearance of communism; and in the cultural sphere, the rise of postmodernism. Similarly, in terms of the philosophy underpinning the discipline, the Marxist and humanistic reaction to positivism has in turn given way to feminist and critical geographies, as well as to post-structural thinking.

Vernon Press encourages contributions from areas of study that concentrate on the interrelationships between people, place, and environment. Possible contributions include all aspects of human geography, including the cultural, social, developmental, economic, and political fields. Other options include:

  • Health geography
  • Historical geography
  • Feminist geography
  • Population geography
  • Urban geography
  • Rural geography

This is a non-exhaustive list; the scope of this call is broad with alternative ideas and suggestions welcomed.

For more information about submitting a proposal, or to discuss your idea, please contact Ellisa Anslow: 

Page last updated on September 7th 2020. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.