Call for Book Proposals – Monographs or Edited Volumes on Social Media

Vernon Press invites book or edited volume proposals on Social Media. All areas of study with the common goal of exploring the impact of social media on life in today’s world are encouraged to be submitted.

Holding incredible power to drive change, there is no denying that social media has had, and is likely to continue to have, a tremendous impact on all aspects of life. In terms of language, social media has revolutionised the way we communicate by facilitating instant communication over far-reaching distances, prompting further evolution of written language to meet the changing demands of its users with the creation of new forms such as abbreviations, emoticons and neologisms. Its increased use is changing the production, dissemination and discussion of the news; along with playing an important role in political engagement by increasing the ease with which users are able to access, assess and discuss political information. In addition, companies are increasingly allocating more of their financial resources to marketing via these platforms, further illustrating the profound influence of social media on our everyday lives.

The scope of the present call is broad. All issues pertaining to the impact of social media on the world today will be considered. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Social media and language change
  • Social media and identity
  • Social media and news
  • Social media and politics
  • Social media and society
  • Social media and business and commerce

How to submit your proposal

Please submit monograph proposals (approx. two pages) to including a summary, a short biographical note and (if applicable) a list of similar titles using this form: Proposal form. More information on what we look for in a proposal is available on our website.

About the publisher

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This proposal is due on March 15th 2024.

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