Call for Book Chapters: Volume on Art and Economy

The Contemporary Art Market has undergone big transformations since the economic crisis of 2008. Less art is sold but at a higher price. Main revenues are concentrated in a smaller number of agents being an economy in which a few. The proposed book aims to perform an analysis from a liberal perspective to the current dynamics of the art market. Designed for a non-specialized public but with an interest in art and its market, the book will serve as a theoretical justification for the current dynamics of the Art market, often criticized. The author's profile sought is multidisciplinary: philosophers, sociologists, economists, and art historians.

Possible chapters, although not limited to them, would include: the market as a place of manifestation of preferences without coercion, the human being as a discerning animal (understanding discrimination as a manifestation of preferences through an informed judgment) or how a good economic situation contributes to the increase of creative activities.

If you are interested in collaborating with a chapter in this book, contact Adrià Harillo Pla ( or Vernon Press ( with your details and a proposal of about 200-300 words. The initial proposals can be in Spanish, English, Italian or Portuguese. The final text must be in English or Spanish.

It is important to note that the contributors do not have to be an Art specialist to write a chapter since the analysis will be generic and the particularity of each case will be presented by the coordinator of the edition.

The deadline for abstracts is March 11, 2020 and the deadline for the complete chapters is June 15, 2020.

This proposal is due on March 25th 2020.

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