Call for book chapters: how to engage today's learners in language classes

The focus of this volume is on second language acquisition and teaching methodologies and how the use of technology enhances the teaching and learning experience. We invite manuscripts on the effective use of technology in language classes and on new
methodological and practical approaches to the teaching of a second language.

Of particular interest are manuscripts on the following topics:

  1. Integration of technology to promote active learning both in face to face and on-line classes
  2. The use of technology to provide 'context'
  3. The use of videos, short films, movies, documentary to promote 'real language' learning
  4. Effective ways to navigate the plethora of technological resources available and to select the best 'options' for language teaching/learning purposes
  5. Innovative approaches to integrate language teaching with culture

Please submit a proposal of approximately 200 words, including a summary, preliminary source base/bibliography and a short biographical note. Complete chapter lengths should be between 5000-7000 words.

Deadline for proposals: June 30th 2020

For further questions or to submit your proposal, please email Carmela Scala at

This proposal is due on June 30th 2020.

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