Call for Book Chapters: Sexual Identities and Assault in Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture

Vernon Press invites chapter proposals on the theme: Sexual Identities and Assault in Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture for an edited collection Voices From the Wreckage: YA Voices in the #MeToo Movement edited by Kimberly Greenfield Karshner (Lorain County Community College).

This collection will focus on situating young adult voices in the #MeToo movement, and into American culture and identity. Children’s and young adult literature is an area of study that has rapidly evolved in the past ten years bringing previously silenced voices have to light. This is especially true for YA LGBTQ voices, and also young narrators who are not only discovering, celebrating, and coming to terms with their identities, but also dealing with the assault of their identities.  

This collection will build on what writers like Laurie Halse Anderson has begun, first with her groundbreaking book on sexual assault Speak, published in 1999, and more currently her follow-up book Shout (2019). YA literature in the past several years has started to respond to these topics more than ever; this collection will serve to showcase and uncover these voices that have been either underrepresented or silent in popular culture and literature. This literature assures young women that they can tell their stories, and that they will be heard.

The scope of this call is broad. All topics regarding the themes and impact of sexual assault and sexual identity in Young Adult and Children’s literature will be considered. Possible topics include (non-comprehensive list):

  • What trends are occurring in the topic of young adult literature concerning sexual identities?
  • How are young adult authors/narrators handling the sensitive topic of sexual assault?
  • What are audiences capable of handling regarding these topics; how are authors reaching the audience?
  • How much is too much? What are the limits of this topic for the intended audience?
  • What are the local/global implications of this topic for literature and culture?
  • Pedagogical: how can these topics be used in a classroom setting?

Identities, perspectives, and voice may be explored in: YA novels, YA-related Streaming and Netflix series, music and popular culture, and/or K-12 Literature.

Deadline for proposals: 31st July 2020

How to submit your proposal: Please submit one-page abstracts/proposals to, including a short biographical note.

This proposal is due on May 29th 2020.

Page last updated on May 27th 2020. All information correct at the time, but subject to change.