A Theory of Disfunctionality: The European Micro-states as Disfunctional States in the International System

by Archie W. Simpson

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"A Theory of Disfunctionality: The European Micro-states as Disfunctional States in the International System" explains the continuing survival of European micro-states as members of the international system. Micro-states are small sovereign states with populations of 1 million or less, of which there are 10 in Europe. The existence of micro-states raises a number of questions about the nature of statehood, the recognition of sovereignty, and the ability of such states to maintain a presence in international politics. This book establishes the ‘theory of disfunctionality’ in which a functional account of statehood is proposed. It is argued that the state has six functions—but the micro-states are so small that they ‘contract out’ some state functions to others in the international system. By doing this, the micro-states ensure their continuing survival in international politics.
The book, which focuses on two case studies—Monaco and Luxembourg—, will be of particular interest to those involved in small state studies including scholars, students, practitioners and policy-makers, as well as those researching International Relations and state theory.

List of Diagrams and Tables
Foreword by Trevor C. Salmon, University of Aberdeen

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Background to the Study – Literature Review and a Review of Theoretical and Analytical Issues
Chapter 3 The Sovereignty of the European Micro-states
Chapter 4 Dynamics and Other Factors Involved in the Theory of Disfunctionality
Chapter 5 The Principality of Monaco
Chapter 6 The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Chapter 7 Conclusions

Appendix A: Research notes
Appendix B: Background notes on the European micro-states
Appendix C: Micro-states and membership of international organisations (2005)

Archie W. Simpson began his Doctoral studies in 2000 and graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2007. Dr Simpson has extensive teaching experience, as he has lectured at the University of St Andrews (2005-2009), the University of Stirling (2007-2011), the University of Aberdeen (2008-2013), and the University of Bath (2014-2017). He is also a founding member of the Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland, and he has delivered lectures on the security of micro-states at their annual summer school. He has taught a wide range of courses on International Relations, including introductory courses, European politics, nuclear weapons, espionage, international security, democracy and US foreign policy. In 2003, he won a teaching prize at the University of Aberdeen. In 2017 he became an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

IR Theory, rationalism, neo-synthesis, small states, micro-states, functional account of the state

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A Theory of Disfunctionality: The European Micro-states as Disfunctional States in the International System
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January 2021