Intercultural Education: Kosovo Stories of Struggle and Resilience

Cameron White, Blerim Saqipi (Eds.)

by Cameron White (University of Houston), Arbresha Beka (Naim Frashëri, Kosovo), Zamira Gashi Shatri (University of Prishtina, Kosovo), Drilon Krasniqi (7 Marsi, Kosovo), Donika Koliqi (University of Prishtina, Kosovo), Dalila Lekaj (University of Prizren, Kosovo), Nuhi Nika (Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, Kosovo), Claudette Peterson (North Dakota State University), Gjylbehare Llapi (University of Prishtina, Kosovo), Blerim Saqipi (University of Prishtina, Kosovo), Arjana Zhubi (Mustafa Bakija, Kosovo), Abbey Bachmann (University of Houston), Ismet Potera (Pedagogical Institute of Kosovo, Kosovo), Senad Orhani (University of Prishtina, Kosovo), E. Jessica Ailenei (University of Houston), Brina Rahmaty (University of Houston), Jessica Hightower (University of Houston), Anita L. Lewis (University of Houston / Clear Creek ISD), Keela Uzzell (University of Houston), Brita Lindsey (University of Houston), Shqipe Gashi-Ramadani (Kosovo Ministry of Education and Science)

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“Intercultural Education: Kosovo Stories of Struggle and Resilience” offers stories that challenge traditional conceptions regarding often unknown or ignored histories. The efforts and fortitude of Kosovo and its people provide a thought-provoking case study to learn from history. Kosovo still suffers from issues of poverty, development, and global recognition. The ongoing story of education in Kosovo comes alive with educators sharing individual perspectives regarding their struggles and resolve as students, teachers and parents. Although the focus is on Kosovo, the hope is that an intercultural awareness arises in place of the traditional international understanding. Celebrating culture, perspective, difference, and similarity is a primary focus of this book, which aspires to encourage readers to build bridges through intercultural education.
This collection will be of interest both to faculty, students, researchers, and scholars in education and cultural studies, and to members of international education organizations.

Cameron White
University of Houston

Part I. Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction to Kosovo Education: A Model of Education Transition from 1990 to Present
Blerim Saqipi
University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Chapter 2 Intercultural Education: A Kosovo Narrative
Cameron White
University of Houston

Part II. Kosovo Educators’ Lived Experiences
Chapter 3 Education Interrupted
Gjylbehare Llapi
University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Claudette M. Peterson
North Dakota State University

Chapter 4 My Struggle for Education
Nuhi Nika
Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, Kosovo

Chapter 5 Education is the Key
Dalila Lekaj
University of Prizren, Kosovo

Chapter 6 Development, Challenges, Survival, Reforms
Donika Koliqi
University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Chapter 7 Should Education be this Difficult?
Drilon Krasniqi
7 Marsi, Kosovo

Chapter 8 Struggles for Education During War
Zamira Gashi Shatri
University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Chapter 9 An Education Story and Struggle
Arbresha Beka
University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Chapter 10 If You’re Not Having Fun…
Arjana Zhubi
Mustafa Bakija, Kosovo

Chapter 11 Education as a Right
Ismet Potera
Pedagogical Institute of Kosovo

Chapter 12 The Experiences of a Teacher on his Way
Senad Orhani
University of Prishtina, Kosovo

Chapter 13 Serbian Occupation and After Liberation: Education in Kosovo
Shqipe Gashi-Ramadani
Kosovo Ministry of Education and Science

Part III. U. S. Educators’ Reflections on Kosovo
Chapter 14 Separate Lives, Humility, Literacy, and the Appreciation of Life
Abbey Bachmann
University of Houston

Chapter 15 A Personal Narrative: Education in Kosova and America
Brita Lindsey
University of Houston

Chapter 16 Conquering Fear: Solidifying Identity and Discovering Cultural Connections in Kosova
Keela Uzzell
University of Houston

Chapter 17 A Trip to Kosovo: An Inspiration for an Educator
Anita L. Lewis
University of Houston / Clear Creek ISD

Chapter 18 Faleminderit, Kosovo: A Transformative Experience
Jessica Hightower
University of Houston

Chapter 19 A Teacher Candidate: Kosovo Inspirations
Brina Rahmaty
University of Houston

Chapter 20 Kosova/Kosovo and My Roots
E. Jessica Ailenei
University of Houston

Blerim Saqipi
University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Cameron White
University of Houston

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Cameron White, PhD, is Professor of Social and International Education at the University of Houston. His teaching, research and service focus on critical social, international, and intercultural education in a local to a global context. He has much intercultural and international experience in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the U.S., including partnerships, program development, study abroad, teaching, and research. Dr White has authored and edited eleven previous books, numerous articles and presentations, and has been recognized as a Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright Specialist among other international education grants.

Blerim Saqipi is Assistant Professor at the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Education in Kosovo. He holds a PhD in Education and teaches courses on education policy and reform, teacher development, and research methods. His research interest is focused on the development of teacher professionalism as it relates to the socio-cultural and educational context. In addition, his research centers on understanding the phenomena of comparison and policy transfer in small and developing education systems with an emphasis on teacher education policy and practice.

international education, cultural studies, Kosovo, the Balkans, intercultural education, critical qualitative research, case study, narrative and story, study abroad, developing nations, doctoral education, Kosovo war, parallel schools, civic education and engagement

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Intercultural Education: Kosovo Stories of Struggle and Resilience
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October 2020