Emotions and Education: Promoting Positive Mental Health in Students with Learning Disabilities [E-book, PDF]

Emotions and Education: Promoting Positive Mental Health in Students with Learning Disabilities

by Nicholas D. Young (American International College), Christine N. Michael (American International College), Teresa A. Citro (Learning Disabilities Worldwide), Kristi L. Santi (University of Houston), Jacqueline Hawkins (University of Houston), Caroline Christensen (University of Houston), Linda E. Denault (Becker College), Kristen L. Bonanno-Sotiropoulos (Bay Path University), Rosalie Fink (Lesley University, Cambridge), James D. Shivers (University of Connecticut), Vance Austin (Manhattanville College, Purchase NY), Elizabeth J. Bienia (Endicott College, Beverly, MA), Micheline S. Malow (Manhattanville College), Anne E. Mead (Danbury Public Schools)

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"This book addresses critical, but often overlooked, aspects of effective education. Specifically, the role that emotions play in human learning and development. The authors cover important topics such as developing academic environments that support the academic and socioemotional success of students with learning disabilities, and incorporating features of therapeutic structures to support their mental health and well-being. These topics are of interest and value to parents, teachers, support staff and students alike. Emotions and Education fills a real void in the literature on the inextricable link between how students feel and how they learn."

Ioanna Tsiriotakis, PhD
Professor, School of Education, University of Crete, Greece

"Students with learning disabilities have great potential to thrive in academic environments, but that potential often is thwarted by social and emotional challenges in the classroom and in the school community at large. The authors of Emotions and Education take a proactive stance in addressing these challenges by suggesting strategies and approaches that can bolster the social and emotional skills, as well as the mental health of Students with learning disabilities. This is an extremely valuable book in that it covers interventions throughout the different grade levels, and concludes with considering the tasks involved into the post-secondary transition and proven ways to prepare Students with learning disabilities for success on the college campus."

Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Curry College, Milton, Massachusetts

"Rarely does an academic book do such a good job of melding the fields of education and psychology. In the various chapters, authors stress the integral links between the emotional states of Students with learning disabilities and positive learning outcomes. They tackle areas of anxiety, frustration, bullying, attention, and the effects of trauma on such students’ achievements, both in a classroom setting and with their peers. Students with learning disabilities frequently deal with emotional and academic challenges. It is integral for those who work with these students to understand the interconnectedness of these challenges. Having positive strategies to promote prosocial skills that can build friendships, lead to greater integration in the school community, and prepare the young person for post-secondary success is essential, and this book delivers on helping practitioners and parents better understand how to support Students with learning disabilities in the socioemotional domain."

Dr. Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"The various authors in this multi-faceted book offer insight into the ways in which students with learning disabilities can develop their social and emotional skills to the fullest capacities in order to promote health and wellness. As learning is essentially relational, the authors highlight the ways in which meaningful interactions, as well as affectively-appropriate environments, can turn emotional liabilities into academic assets. This is a rich and varied volume, with a diverse authorship, and it is a must read for all who care about leveling the educational and social playing field for Students with learning disabilities."

Richard B. Holzman, EdD
Senior Advisor for External Affairs, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Springfield Center

Written by an experienced team of practitioners and scholars, this text attempts to fill the gap in texts that specifically address the needs of Learning Disabilities (LD) students in the socioemotional and mental health domains. By providing a foundational understanding of some of the salient issues facing students with learning disabilities, we hope to empower all of those who are working to ensure their success by providing the particular challenges that LD students and their families may face, and strategies and best practices for building creativity, resiliency, prosocial behavior, and positive mental health. As a practitioner and family-oriented text, this book seeks to offer a truncated review of relevant literature followed by suggestions to guide practice.



Chapter One: Everybody Belongs: Structuring Positive Environments
Kristi L. Santi, Jacqueline Hawkins, Caroline Christensen

Chapter Two: Understanding Social Aggression: Bullying and the Student with Learning Disabilities
Linda E. Denault

Chapter Three: Learning Disabilities and Anxiety: Understanding and Addressing the Common Occurrence
Nicholas D. Young and Kristen L. Bonnano-Sotiropoulos

Chapter Four: Reading, Writing and Rap: Using Rhyme to Inspire Emotional and Academic Growth
Rosalie Fink

Chapter Five: The Comforting Presence of Visual Literacy Skill in the English Language Arts Classroom
James D. Shivers

Chapter Six: Understanding Student and Teacher Behaviors from Two Perspectives: A Schema for Success in Teaching of the Student with Learning and Behavioral Challenges
Vance Austin

Chapter Seven: Parents Make the Difference: Fostering Emotional Resiliency to Improve School Outcomes
Nicholas D. Young and Elizabeth Jean

Chapter Eight: Working with Students Who Have Experienced Trauma: Educating Teachers About Trauma Informed Practice
Micheline S. Malow

Chapter Nine: Cultural Considerations: Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Students with Learning Disabilities
Nicholas D. Young, Elizabeth Jean and Anne E. Mead

Chapter Ten: Navigating New Turning Points: Transitioning Students with Learning Disabilities to Post-Secondary Promise
Christine N. Michael and Nicholas D. Young

Dr. Nicholas D. Young has worked in diverse educational roles for more than 28 years, serving as a principal, special education director, graduate professor, graduate program director, graduate dean, and longtime superintendent of schools. He was named the Massachusetts Superintendent of the Year; and he completed a distinguished Fulbright program focused on the Japanese educational system through the collegiate level. Dr. Young is the recipient of numerous other honors and recognitions including the General Douglas MacArthur Award for distinguished civilian and military leadership and the Vice Admiral John T. Hayward Award for exemplary scholarship. He holds several graduate degrees including a PhD in educational administration and an EdD in educational psychology; and he has published several books, book chapters and articles in the fields of education and counseling. Dr. Young is also a regular presenter at international and national conferences and serves as an editor for Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal.

Dr. Christine N. Michael is a more than 40-year educational veteran with a variety of professional experiences. She holds degrees from Brown University, Rhode Island College, Union Institute and University, and the University of Connecticut, where she earned a PhD in education, human development, and family relations. Her previous work has included middle and high school teaching, higher education administration, college teaching, and educational consulting. She has also been involved with Head Start, Upward Bound, national non-profits Foundation for Excellent Schools and College for Every Student, and the federal Trio programs, and has published widely on topics in education and psychology.

Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro is the Chief Executive Officer, Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc. and the Founder and President of Thread of Hope, Inc., Dr. Citro is a graduate of Tufts New England Medical School and Northeastern University, Boston. She has co-edited several books on a wide range of topics in special education and has co-authored a popular children’s series I Am Full of Possibilities. Furthermore, Dr. Citro is the co-editor of two peer review journals including Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal and Insights on Learning Disabilities from Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices. She is the mother of two young children and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Emotions and Education: Promoting Positive Mental Health in Students with Learning Disabilities





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