Solutions to knife crime: a path through the red sea?

by Sue Roberts

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This book addresses one of the UK’s most persistent and serious concerns: knife crime. While research diagnosing the cause of rising knife crime abounds, few studies articulate effective solutions to this complex social problem. Drawing on data from cities across the UK, Sue Roberts suggests concrete forms of collaboration that may just spare future generations from the worst of this terrifying scourge.
“Solutions to knife crime: a path through the red sea?” will fascinate law-enforcers, policy-makers, criminologists and other specialists both within and outside academia. It will also appeal to anyone who’s been affected, or is simply concerned, by this blight on British society.



Chapter 1: The Problem with Knife Crime

Chapter 2: Summary of the Findings

Chapter 3: Knife Crime in Britain

Chapter 4: Lived Experience

Chapter 5: Working Together

Chapter 6: Remedial Actions

Chapter 7: A new partnership working

Chapter 8: The project

Chapter 9: Research Design

Chapter 10: History of the Research

Chapter 11: Loss of youth services

Chapter 12: Cuts to services and local authorities in Britain

Chapter 13: A sense of Community

Chapter 14: Communities

Chapter 15: The Haves and Have Nots

Chapter 16: Neighbourhood Policing

Chapter 17: Gangs

Chapter 18: Deprivation, policy, race

Chapter 19: School Exclusion

Chapter 20: Poverty

Chapter 21: Youth violence and the loss of public services

Chapter 22: Social media

Chapter 23: Framing solutions

Chapter 24: Working together to tackle knife crime

Chapter 25: Partnership, Cure Violence and the VRU

Chapter 26: The Case for Policy Transfer to tackle knife crime

Chapter 27: Conclusion


Biographical statement


Glossary of terms

Sue Roberts is a senior lecturer in Politics and Public Administration at the University of Portsmouth. Reflecting her background in local and national government - 15 years as a manager in public services - Sue’s research interests are in community safety, policing, multi-agency partnerships and collaborative working. In partnership with the University of Macerata, she managed an EU project in Romania and Bulgaria to bring public sector partnerships in work and training to emerging democracies in Europe. She retains strong links with local multi-agency partnerships and groups across Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, London and the North of England. She is currently researching effective solutions to knife crime through collaborative working.

Knife crime; Youth violence; Partnership Working; Collaborative Working; Government Policy