Liberty & Prosperity: Liberal economics for achieving universal prosperity

by Gopi Krishna Suvanam

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‘Liberty & Prosperity: Liberal Economics for Achieving Universal Prosperity’ aims to illuminate alternative policy framework using liberal economic policies. The evolution of this book is grounded in the author’s personal and professional experience investigating economies around the world and therefore takes a global view. The ideas discussed are intended for countries currently under different stages of development and are not restricted to only developed countries or emerging economies.

This book examines what we as a society can do to achieve universal prosperity with the recurring topic of the intertwining nature of liberty and prosperity; without prosperity, man cannot have true liberty, and the best way to achieve universal prosperity is by providing liberty to all. It identifies the appropriate measures from existing liberal theories that could help achieve this long-term goal, while also introducing contrarian ideas, including the elimination of income tax, denationalization of money, and the reduction in the role of central banks. The central theme is that liberty in all aspects of economic activity, coupled with universal basic income, could create universal prosperity.

This book will particularly appeal to those with a general interest in the economy and business, as well as students who seek an overview of classical macroeconomic principles; however, the book’s innovative ideas may also be of interest to professional economists.

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Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1 On the conspicuous absence of universal prosperity
Chapter 2 On economic liberty
Chapter 3 On the lacunas of right-wing policies

Part 2: Core

Chapter 4 On the role of government
Chapter 5 On taxation
Chapter 6 On money
Chapter 7 On universal basic income

Part 3: Periphery

Chapter 8 On decentralization
Chapter 9 On the role of technology
Chapter 10 On dealing with external shocks
Chapter 11 On the path to prosperity


Gopi Krishna Suvanam is a serial entrepreneur in the Financial Services and Fintech space, with a rich experience of sixteen years. He is currently serving as a Co-Founder and Director of G-Square Solutions, a fast-growing fintech start-up offering AI and analytics services to Financial Institutions.

Gopi received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and his Bachelor of Technology degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He has also served as a visiting faculty in finance in various institutions including his alma mater IIM-A.

Before starting his journey as an entrepreneur, he worked with Deutsche Bank as Vice President in the global markets division in London and New York City. Here, Gopi was part of a research team engaging with global institutional investors, including pension funds and hedge funds. He then went on to build a financial advisory firm focusing on delivering high-quality investment advice to clients.

Free market economics, Austrian school of economics, Georgism, Libertarianism, Classical liberalism

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Liberty & Prosperity: Liberal economics for achieving universal prosperity





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