The COVID-19 Crisis: Key Social and Psychological Issues

by Eric Miller (Kent State University)

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Given the far-reaching effects that the pandemic has had on both individuals and society at large, this book was written to be approachable for academics, students, and laypersons alike. To further amplify this point, readers will find that an eclectic mix of both (largely online-based) news articles and analyses, along with select academic papers and concepts are featured in this concise book; the inclusion of select news reports from the first two years of the pandemic helps to document how the pandemic was publicly presented—which, given the relatively ephemeral nature of the Internet, it can be especially helpful to document such sources. Some of the critical social and psychological issues regarding key developments and events (largely, though not exclusively, focused on America) and predominantly related to the first two years of the pandemic include both mental health and personal and interpersonal problems, as well as many social/societal, economic, and political consequences. Drawing from a host of varied and interdisciplinary sources, this book would be a helpful resource for (current and future) academics, scholars, clinicians, students, and anyone seeking a critical yet concise overview and analysis of some of the most pressing psychological/social scientific themes and issues pertaining to the pandemic.

Eric D. Miller, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kent State University (East Liverpool Campus) in Ohio and has published many papers largely focused on how adults adjust to loss and adverse events. He is the author of the textbook 'The Psychology of Adjustment and Coping' (BVT Publishing), edited the book 'Stories of Complicated Grief: A Critical Anthology' (NASW Press), and served as co-editor of the (Taylor & Francis/Routledge) books 'Loss and Trauma: General and Close Relationship Perspectives' (with J. H. Harvey) and 'Narratives of Loneliness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives from the 21st Century' (with O. Sagan). He has also held editorial roles for the 'Journal of Loss and Trauma' and regularly reviews for and has served on select editorial boards for several additional journals. Dr. Miller holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Iowa.

Covid-19, pandemic, social psychology, coping, psychological adjustment