The theory of the kingdom: A unified model of human agency

by Andrew Root

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This original monograph presents a comprehensive theory regarding the economy of the kingdom of God. The theory and associated model will help individuals make better choices. The research integrates fundamentals of the temporal real economy, and the permanent economy of the kingdom of God, to present a unified model of human agency. According to the model, effective agents are salt and light in the real economy, arresting corruption and revealing the truth. Effective agency produces life, peace, and growth. Individual and organizational practices that arrest corruption and reveal truth can resolve longstanding economic grievances.

The list of spiritual credence goods is extensive and includes commonly known virtues such as humility, patience, and hope. Spiritual goods are allocated based on the owner-agent relationship. The quantity of goods the owner supplies is in proportion to an individual’s sacrificial offering of time and money. Spiritual goods are stored as heart capital. In a process analogous to the real economy, heart labor applied to heart capital produces desirable outputs. The owner relates to his agents through a heart-inscribed behavioral contract. The owner generally intervenes in the real economy by communicating with agents rather than by restricting choice. Prior studies across economics, finance, and sociology prove the efficiency of behavioral contracts and communication over restricted choice.

Herein researchers will find new testable propositions, and practitioners will find new ideas and practices to live better, more consequential lives. Examples of practical applications include methods of resolving group-level bias and understanding the purpose of life’s difficulties.

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Chapter 1 Introduction to the model of human agency

Chapter 2 Human agency

Chapter 3 Circle within a circle

Chapter 4 Communication over intervention

Chapter 5 Objective function

Chapter 6 Economic resources

Chapter 7 Resource allocation

Chapter 8 Risk, returns & rewards

Chapter 9 Risk aversion

Chapter 10 Individual investment

Chapter 11 Organization investment

Chapter 12 The law of proportion

Chapter 13 Heart capital

Chapter 14 Heart labor

Chapter 15 Territory

Chapter 16 Information asymmetry

Chapter 17 Monitoring and bonding

Chapter 18 Testing



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Andrew A. Root is an experienced academic and investment research professional. For the past twenty-eight years, Andrew has conducted Wall Street equity research, led teams of analysts, invested for hedge fund clients, and conducted academic research in the fields of corporate finance and governance. Andrew is a follower of Jesus, now spending most of his research time studying the role Christ-followers are intended to play in bringing life, peace, and growth to the real economy now. Andrew earned a Ph.D. in Finance and International Business from Old Dominion University, an MBA from Regent University, and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McMaster University. Andrew is an Assistant Professor at Regent University, author, independent consultant, and executive coach.

Previously, Andrew was a Division Director, Head of U.S. Equities, and member of the Board of Directors for Macquarie Capital USA. After nine years at Goldman Sachs (G.S.) Andrew co-founded the Redtail fund and was subsequently a partner at Alkeon Capital. In 2005, Andrew was the Wall Street Journal #1 stock picker for U.S. Semiconductors. In 1998, he led the Institutional Investor Magazine #1 global Paper and Forest Products research team. Andrew started his career at RBC Capital Markets in Toronto. He is married to Tara, his high school sweetheart, and together they have 4 children.

Economy, non-monetary economics, kingdom of God, governance, objective function, agency costs, eschatology, heart capital, heart labor, bonding, credence goods

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The theory of the kingdom: A unified model of human agency





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