The Gavel and Sickle: The Supreme Court, Cultural Marxism, and the Assault on Christianity

by Anthony Walsh (Boise State University)

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"It is refreshingly honest, even brave, in its treatment of subjects that are highly controversial.
The author draws on diverse sources of documentation that gel into a core argument, including theology, philosophy, history, science, political science, law, and constitutional jurisprudence. Few scholars have this breadth of knowledge. [...]"

Dr. John Paul Wright,
School of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

This book addresses the benefits of Christianity for all, the degradation of our culture since the 1950s, the pernicious effects that cultural Marxism has had on Western cultures, and the loss of religious freedom as the Founders envisioned it due to a number of Supreme Court rulings. We cannot understand the culture war and cultural debasement until we understand cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism has been "hiding in plain sight" since the 1930s with the immigration to the United States of a cadre of intellectuals from Germany who brought with them the folderol of critical theory, political correctness, gender neutrality, radical feminism, and moral relativism. This intellectual moonshine is designed to weaken family structure and individual morality, and it has worked. The ultimate purpose of cultural Marxism is to destroy Western civilization from within. This goal is clearly and unambiguously stated in their books and articles. In numerous places in these books and articles, cultural Marxists are adamant that if socialism is ever to come to America the two epicenters of Western morality, the family and Christianity, will have to be destroyed by slow, stealthy, and incremental attacks on them. They have been aided in their efforts by anti-Christian rulings by the United States Supreme Court since the 1940s. I do not claim in any sense that the Supreme Court is engaged in a conspiracy with cultural Marxists. Their rulings have been based on a reading of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that its authors would not recognize, and have used this clause to eviscerate the Free Exercise Clause—America’s “first freedom.” The Court has purged Christianity from the public square, and in doing so it has unwittingly helped the cultural Marxist agenda by spiritually disarming America.

Chapter 1 Christianity under Fire: Capture the Culture; Capture the Soul 
Chapter 2 The Many Blessings of Christianity 
Chapter 3 The Christian Foundation of the United States 
Chapter 4 The U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court: A Marriage Gone Sour 
Chapter 5 Establishment Clause and Separation of Church and State 
Chapter 6 Religious Liberty: The Free Exercise Clause 
Chapter 7 “Give me the Child:” The Spiritual Disarming of America’s Schools 
Chapter 8 The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage: Gay Rights v. Religious Liberty 
Chapter 9 Executive Branch Attacks on Religious Institutions and Businesses 
Chapter 10 State Administrative Law and Christian Wedding Vendors 
Chapter 11 The Enemies of Christian America: What Motivates Them? 

Anthony Walsh teaches law, statistics, and criminology at Boise State University, Idaho. He entered academia upon earning a degree in criminology after 25 years in the “real world” as a Marine, police officer, and probation officer. His primary area of expertise is biosocial criminology, and was honored with the 2014 David Rowe Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to this area. He is also interested in legal philosophy and statistics. He has written 36 other books and approximately 150 articles, many on topics included in this book.

Cultural Marxism, United States Constitution, Supreme Court, cultural criticism, Christianity, Law, sociology, history, politics

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The Gavel and Sickle: The Supreme Court, Cultural Marxism, and the Assault on Christianity





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January 2018