Journal Reviews: A Roundup of 2023 Reviews

We are here again to bring to our VP community a roundup of reviews that were published in 2023. We are pleased to announce that the titles reviewed in various academic journals, across a variety of fields in the Social Sciences and Humanities, were received positively. We look forward to seeing more VP titles reviewed in the future.



Are you interested in reviewing one of our titles for an academic journal or for your personal website/blog? Have a look through this review pile with titles we are looking to assign to reviewers. Please note that these are only available for review. For an inspection copy please follow the instructions here.


Arts and Media 

Series in Cinema and Culture 

Star Wars: Essays Exploring a Galaxy Far, Far Away edited by Emily Strand and Amy H. Sturgis

Series in Art 

Perspective: Selected Essays on Space in Art and Design edited by Sarina Miller

Critical Media Studies

Project(ing) Human: Representations of Disability in Science Fiction edited by Courtney Stanton


Series in Literary Studies 

Dogmas in Literature and Literary Missionary: Text, Reader and Critique edited by Önder Çakırtaş

Transfiction: Characters in Search of Translation Studies edited by Marko Miletich

Literary Representations of Japan: At the Intersection of David Mitchell and Haruki Murakami’s Worlds by Eugenia Prasol

Voicing Memories, Unearthing Identities: Studies in the Twenty-First-Century Literatures of Eastern and East-Central Europe edited by Aleksandra Konarzewska, Anna Nakai

Series in Music

Transformational analysis in practice: Music-analytical studies on composers and musicians from around the world edited by Bozhidar Chapkanov

Series in World History 

Lost Kingdom: Animal Death in the Anthropocene edited by Wendy A. Wiseman and Burak Kesgin

The Atlantic as Mythical Space: An Essay on Medieval Ethea by Alfonso J. Garcia-Osuna

The end of the Western Civilization? The Intellectual Journey of Humanity to Adulthood by Hippokratis Kiaris

Social Sciences 

Series in Anthropology 

Sensory Environmental Relationships: Between Memories of the Past and Imaginings of the Future edited by Blaž Bajič and Ana Svetel

Series in Politics 

Lessons from Regional Responses to Security, Health and Environmental Challenges in Latin America edited by Ivo Ganchev

The Dynamic Social Contract: An American Case Study by Andre Smith

Socializing Militants: How States End Asymmetric Conflict with Non-State Militants by Jeremiah Rozman

Series in Philosophy 

Modal Translation: The Relevance of Worlds by Paul Hanmer
Series in Philosophy of Religion

The theory of the kingdom: A unified model of human agency by Andrew Root

Anime, Philosophy and Religion edited by Kaz Hayashi and William H. U. Anderson

Series in Education 

On Second Language Learner Acquisition of English Collocations by James Martin Rogers

Monsters in the Classroom: Noam Chomsky, Human Nature, and Education by Philip G. Hill

Liberal Education: Analog Dreams in a Digital Age edited by Karim Dharamsi and David Clemis

Series in Critical Perspectives on Social Science

Many Rivers to Cross: Black Migrations in Brazil and the Caribbean edited by Elaine P. Rocha

The Labyrinth of Multitude and Other Reality Checks on Being Latino/x by Julio Marzán

Series in Sociology 


The COVID-19 Crisis: Key Social and Psychological Issues by Eric D. Miller

Community Structures and Processes on Lives of Refugee Children edited by Sofia Leitao, Yvonne M. Vissing

Pitirim A. Sorokin: Rediscovering a Master of Sociology by Emiliana Mangone

Freedom Taking Place: War, Women and Culture at the Intersection of Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus edited by Jessica Zychowicz

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