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Series: Series in Sociology

Pitirim A. Sorokin: Rediscovering a Master of Sociology

Emiliana Mangone, University of Salerno, Italy

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-732-0
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204pp. ¦ $74 £60 €68

Pitirim A. Sorokin is a controversial figure in the history of sociology, of which he remains one of the masters. Those who read Sorokin today must, however, frame the historical reality experienced by the scholar (his Russian and American experiences) because the evolution of his thought had several phases that correspond to his personal, family, and professional lives (he founded and directed the Department of Sociology at Harvard University for many years). This Russian-American sociologist argued that socio-cultural phenomena must be studied following their dynamism (in space and time) since the constituent elements (personality, society, and culture) are constantly changing and cannot be studied separately. Reviving his thought is not a form of celebration but a moment to reflect on how some sociology classics still have their relevance and how, all too often, they are forgotten. This is why this book takes up his main conceptualizations by anchoring them to contemporary society, whose transformations are often difficult to read, and above all to highlight how the role of sociology as a science has, in part, lost sight of its ontological foundation as a service to humanity or public service. The theoretical paths taken by Sorokin range from Social and Cultural Dynamics to Social Mobility and to many other topics, such as man and society in calamities or love and altruism - one of Sorokin's latest topics. All these topics can revive the idea of a sociology that holds together the micro, meso, and macro dimensions and allows us to predict changes in society.

Community Structures and Processes on Lives of Refugee Children

Edited by Sofia Leitao, Rinova Limited and Yvonne M. Vissing, Salem State University

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-648-4
Availability: In stock
253pp. ¦ $90 £75 €84

Communities around the world face challenges in how to assist the influx of refugees and immigrants, who arrive with only the clothes on their backs. They may have health problems and have experienced violence and trauma before they arrived in their new communities. They require healthcare, housing, education, jobs, financial & material support, and childcare, to name a few. Some arrive with families, but often, children and youth arrive unaccompanied and are in need of special care. Even well-intentioned and resource-rich communities may find themselves taxed as they struggle to help everyone in need. This book is framed by a human rights approach and highlights how social structures and institutional processes impact the lives of refugee and asylum-seeking children. Social institutions around the world tend to experience a similar type of challenge in serving this population. These challenges are examined in this book as recommendations for actions provided. The authored contributions present different perspectives on processes, interactions, policies, practices, and laws embedded in a variety of institutions and community social interactions. It is a reference for researchers, practitioners, and students in its presentation of academic and practitioner approaches to challenges faced by refugee children in different geographic and social contexts. Topics in this book include work on the character of transnational migrant families and communities, uses of new information and communication technologies, international frameworks of humanitarian assistance, social inclusion best practices in the integration of migrant children and unaccompanied minors, and models to provide multidisciplinary services on prevention, integration and rehabilitation integration strategies. Concepts of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and HOPEs (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) are explored, along with lifelong learning as a catalyst for the sustained promotion of safe communities in the context of migration; and individual refugee needs and their family’s future wellbeing towards service to refugees that work for the individual.

Freedom Taking Place: War, Women and Culture at the Intersection of Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus

Edited by Jessica Zychowicz, Fulbright Ukraine; Institute of International Education Kyiv office, Ukraine

April 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-590-6
Availability: In stock
340pp. ¦ $93 £75 €86

Freedom as a concept shifts with different forms of expression. As the authors of this volume convey in their focus on 'freedom of expression', the idea of 'freedom' in the twenty-first century does not stand apart as a purely physical location marked by national borders. In the Internet Age information is increasingly co-determinate of physical freedom. The information-dense space of the protests of 2021, and beyond, provide soil for the intellectuals writing in this volume to reflect on women’s agency in struggles for human rights. Where historical discourse on “The Woman Question” once conflicted with “feminism” as a perceived importation from the West, this conflict also produced productive tensions that have provided ongoing sites for research. When closely studied, these contexts can deepen global concepts of democracy and justice, providing not only pathways for acts of solidarity and mutual assistance, but intellectual depth and breadth for the future 'ways of knowing', and thus ways of creating, more equitable post-conflict power systems and citizenship amid times of revolution and war. Coming from multiple generations, gender identities, nationalities, and language; the authors in this volume represent the most forward-thinking voices and figures working on gender in the region today.

The COVID-19 Crisis: Key Social and Psychological Issues

Eric D. Miller, Kent State University

April 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-587-6
Availability: In stock
136pp. ¦ $51 £40 €47

Given the far-reaching effects that the pandemic has had on both individuals and society at large, this book was written to be approachable for academics, students, and laypersons alike. To further amplify this point, readers will find that an eclectic mix of both (largely online-based) news articles and analyses, along with select academic papers and concepts are featured in this concise book; the inclusion of select news reports from the first two years of the pandemic helps to document how the pandemic was publicly presented—which, given the relatively ephemeral nature of the Internet, it can be especially helpful to document such sources. Some of the critical social and psychological issues regarding key developments and events (largely, though not exclusively, focused on America) and predominantly related to the first two years of the pandemic include both mental health and personal and interpersonal problems, as well as many social/societal, economic, and political consequences. Drawing from a host of varied and interdisciplinary sources, this book would be a helpful resource for (current and future) academics, scholars, clinicians, students, and anyone seeking a critical yet concise overview and analysis of some of the most pressing psychological/social scientific themes and issues pertaining to the pandemic.

Voices From the Wreckage: Young Adult Voices in the #MeToo Movement

Edited by Kimberly Karshner, Lorain County Community College

February 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-605-7
Availability: In stock
262pp. ¦ $90 £74 €84

'Voices From the Wreckage: Young Adult Voices in the #MeToo Movement' is an edited collection by Kimberly Greenfield Karshner (Lorain County Community College). This collection focuses on situating young adult voices in the #MeToo movement, and into American culture and identity. Children’s and young adult literature is an area of study that has rapidly evolved in the past ten years, bringing previously silenced voices to light. This is especially true for YA LGBTQ+ voices, and also for young narrators who are not only discovering, celebrating, and coming to terms with their identities, but also dealing with assaults on their identities. This collection will build on what writers like Laurie Halse Anderson have begun, first with her groundbreaking book on sexual assault, 'Speak', published in 1999, and more currently, her follow-up book, 'Shout' (2019). These authors continue what Anderson started, exploring texts from the perspectives of YA male and female voices, Native American and international perspectives, and LGBTQ+ character representation. Chapters investigate various literary forms such as graphic novels, memoirs, and novels, and cover topics such as sexual desire, consent, trauma, and survivorship. The literature featured in this volume will assure young people that they can tell their stories and that they will be heard. 'Voices From the Wreckage' will be a valuable tool for anyone who teaches Young Adult Literature, or for those who are avid readers and fans of the genre. The authors in this collection are starting and continuing very important conversations on the topic of sexual abuse and trauma, a conversation necessary for the intended audiences of these books, and for adult readers and teachers who are facilitating the emotions connected to these topics.