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Subject: Language and Linguistics

Jesuits in Science Fiction: Reason and Revelation on Other Worlds

Edited by Richard Feist, University of King’s College

ISBN: 979-8-8819-0006-9
Availability: Forthcoming
$111 £88 €103

From their founding in 1540 to this day, Jesuits have been controversial. Their centuries of missionary work have taken them to all corners of the world. They have been accused of killing Kings and Presidents and contributing to colonization and destruction of cultures—even participating in enslavement. But the Jesuits have also been seen as bringers of light and education. With their ferocity of purpose and intellectual rigor, the Jesuits’ impact on world history cannot be ignored. No surprise then, that Jesuits appear in literature, especially that literature of ideas, exploration, and social commentary, otherwise known as science fiction. This unique collection of essays explores how the Jesuit has long been part of science fiction’s history and how Jesuit ideas and characters are featured in some of science fiction’s greatest works. In this collection, we see Jesuits continue their missionary spirit as they take leave of the earth, moving their missionary labors literally towards the heavens. Reason and revelation are now indeed on other worlds. In this collection, we have explorations of philosophy, science, theology, and culture, all done in typical Jesuit fashion, always in various and foreign contexts. This collection is akin to others in its linking of religion and science fiction, but it is unique in its concentration on the Jesuits and science fiction. This collection will be of interest to scholars working and researching in the field of science fiction studies and would be suitable for courses on science fiction. But it will also be of interest and accessible to those of us who simply love science fiction for its power to explore other worlds and, in this case, to take some of the deepest human reflections, namely those on God, morals and culture, lift them up, and see what forms they may take on other worlds.

Poetic Inquiry Atlas Vol. 1: A Survey of Rigorous Poetics

Edited by Adam Vincent, Capilano University; The University of British Columbia, Canada

July 2024 / ISBN: 979-8-8819-0005-2
Availability: In stock
324pp. ¦ $108 £86 €101

This edited volume illustrates various definitions and uses of poetry in research and scholarship, both across disciplines and across the world. The collection offers a worldview of the capacity of poetic inquiry to enhance research and scholarship by showcasing rigorous poetics (which [re]present epistemology and aesthetics as synergistic) in action. Each chapter is intended to highlight diverse perspectives and uses of poetic inquiry, thereby highlighting commonalities and differences in praxis, that include: - Critical discussion around poetry and its uses in each poet-scholar’s diverse practices (e.g., research, writing, personal development, healthcare, mental health, ecology and/or scholarship). - An example of poetry that showcases their approach(es) in action. - Insights into the crafting of their poetry (i.e., what choices were made? why were specific choices made?) - An exploration of how their poetic work links to the vast rhizomatic array of poetic inquiry. This volume is well-suited for new scholars, looking for ways to integrate poetry into their praxis, and experienced scholars who wish to further their understanding of the capaciousness of poetic inquiry as a valuable method, methodology, tool and/or approach. It also holds insights for those interested in the power of poetry as it relates to mental health, health care, ecology, teaching, qualitative research and identity work.

Blasco Ibáñez en Japón: 100 años de un viaje transoceánico y su relato (1923-1924)

David Taranco, University Doshisha, Kioto, Japan

June 2024 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-940-9
Availability: In stock
352pp. ¦ $86 £69 €80

En 1923, el escritor español Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, por entonces una de las principales figuras de la literatura mundial gracias el éxito de su novela 'Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis', se embarcó en un crucero de lujo para circunnavegar el planeta. Fruto de dicha aventura es el fascinante relato de viajes 'La vuelta al mundo de un novelista', publicado en tres volúmenes entre 1924 y 1925. Dentro de dicho recuento, Japón ocupa un espacio preponderante, tanto en extensión como en implicación descriptiva y analítica por parte del autor. Un siglo después, este libro expone las claves del protagonismo de Japón en el relato de Blasco Ibáñez y ofrece una edición anotada de los capítulos que el escritor dedicó a su recorrido por tierras japonesas. El estudio previo del personaje y de la concepción del viaje, así como las glosas a pie de página de la edición anotada, permitirán al público lector comprender mejor el trasfondo de la travesía transoceánica, descifrar referencias culturales e históricas y disfrutar aún más la lectura del entretenido e instructivo cuaderno de bitácoras. Además, el personal investigador interesado en el desarrollo del hispanismo en Japón encontrará en este libro una visión novedosa del nacimiento y la evolución del estudio de la lengua y la literatura españolas y de las culturas hispánicas en el país del sol naciente y descubrirá la extraordinaria aportación de Blasco Ibáñez en este campo.

Carmen Boullosa: In Between Brooklyn and Coyoacan

Edited by María del Mar López-Cabrales, Colorado State University and María Rosario Matz, University of Massachusetts Lowell

May 2024 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-907-2
Availability: In stock
174pp. ¦ $82 £66 €77

Focusing on the works of Mexican writer Carmen Boullosa for the English reader, this volume provides access to a critical analysis of Boullosa’s writings. Her daily writing has produced an enormous and varied literary corpus that includes narrative, theater, and poetry, in addition to her work in television. This volume is divided into three different segments. The initial part is composed of six essays that analyze Boullosa’s narrative and theatrical works. In these essays contributors evaluate and analyze Boullosa’s literary production, covering many of her novels, including 'Antes' (1989), 'Llanto: novelas imposibles' (1992), 'La Milagrosa' (1993) 'Cielos de la Tierra' (1997), 'La otra mano de Lepanto' (2005), 'La novela perfecta' (2006), 'El complot de los Románticos' (2009), 'Cuando me volví mortal' (2010), 'Las paredes hablan' (2012), 'Texas' (2014), and 'El libro de Ana' (2019) as well as her 'Teatro herético' (1987). By analyzing her literary corpus, contributors explore how she reshapes historical narratives and offers thought-provoking commentaries on our modern society and its problems. Boullosa’s writings invite an in-depth analysis due to their rich complexity and explorations of various themes, therefore this volume presents how her work has a significant social impact, prompting discussions on the topics of gender, power, history, social inequality, and cultural diversity while encouraging critical thinking and empathy. These critical essays are followed by an interview with the author. We decided to also include the Spanish version of this interview for those able to read it. Boullosa’s essay, 'Épica mía/ Mi épica (My Epic)' concludes this volume. When reading this essay, we suggest to the reader to keep in mind how often her works provide a voice to characters for whom History refused to grant one. This volume will provide its reader with a key to discovering the many layers present in Boullosa’s writing.

The Christian Literary Imagination

Edited by Michael Scott, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford and Michael J. Collins, Georgetown University

May 2024 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-902-7
Availability: In stock
358pp. ¦ $113 £91 €106

What is the Christian literary imagination? That question was put to the writers who have contributed to this collection of essays. They were asked, in answering it, to choose and write about a work of literature that seemed to them to illustrate one of the varied ways in which the Christian imagination sees the world, to define by example the meaning of the term. A variety of beliefs (or indeed unbeliefs) are expressed by the contributors and authors they selected to discuss. But what the essays have in common is an inquiry into the nature of belief and the means by which the reader’s imagination can itself be stirred through the work of the author under discussion. The book is structured chronologically, with essays on literature ranging from Anglo-Saxon England to 21st-Century America, but the contributors show a freedom of movement and reference across the centuries in their essays, sometimes deliberately juxtaposing the historical with the contemporary. What emerges from the collection is a shared inquiry into the enduring Christian vision of God’s engagement with the world.