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Series: Series in Literary Studies

Revisiting Diaspora Spaces in India: A Contemporary Overview

Edited by Joydev Maity, Raiganj University, India

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-688-0
Availability: In stock
212pp. ¦ $76 £64 €71

This edited volume is a detailed and critical study of Indian diaspora writings and its diverse themes. It focuses on dynamics and contemporary perspectives of Indian diaspora writings and analyzes emerging themes of this field like the experience of the Bihari diaspora, migration to Gulf countries, the relation between diasporic experience and self-translation, uprootedness and resistance discourse through ecocritical praxis and many more. With the aid of a subtle theoretical framework, the volume closely examines some of the key texts such as 'Goat Days, Baumgartner’s Bombay, An Atlas of Impossible Longing, The Circle of Reason', and authors including Shauna Singh Baldwin, M.G. Vassanji, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, V.S. Naipaul and others. The book also explores diaspora literature written in regional language and later translated into English and how they align with the fundamental Indian diaspora writings. A significant contribution to Indian diaspora writings; this volume will be of great importance to scholars and researchers of diaspora literature, migration and border studies, cultural, memory, and translation studies.

Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer (1850-1919): Her Personal Letters, Short Stories, and Journalism

Ana Isabel Simón Alegre, Adelphi University

July 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-676-7
Availability: In stock
303pp. ¦ $81 £65 €74

This book explores how Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer’s evolution as a writer was closely linked to the development of her political-literary project, in which a feminist activist agenda plays an important role. This critical edition contributes to existing research on Gimeno de Flaquer by examining a collection of texts that have not been studied in-depth. This monograph-length publication is the first one to feature a translation of significant portions of Gimeno de Flaquer’s work. 'Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer (1850-1919): Her Personal Letters, Short Stories, and Journalism' includes ten letters that Concepción Gimeno wrote to the Spanish actor and theatre entrepreneur Manuel Catalina y Rodríguez (1820-1886), seven short stories, and a selection of her seventeen most representative newspaper articles.

Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer (1850-1919): Cartas, cuentos cortos y artículos periodísticos

Ana Isabel Simón Alegre, Adelphi University

July 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-675-0
Availability: In stock
305pp. ¦ $81 £65 €74

Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer (Alcañiz, 1850-Buenos Aires, 1919) fue una periodista y editora española que dedicó su vida al mundo de las letras. Fue, además de escritora, una apasionada viajera en una época en la que cruzar el Atlántico no era una tarea fácil. En sus viajes transanlánticos puso en marcha y participó en numerosas tertulias y se dedicó a dirigir periódicos, escribir novelas, cuentos cortos, cartas, ensayos, críticas de teatro, artículos de opinión y columnas de sociedad en diferentes periódicos. En este libro se explora cómo en la trayectoria vital y profesional de Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer quedó entrelazado su proyecto político literario en el que el activismo feminista jugaría un importante papel. Esta edición anotada contribuye a las investigaciones previas sobre Gimeno de Flaquer analizando una colección de textos que no se han estudiado aún en detalle. ‘Concepción Gimeno De Flaquer (1850-1919): Cartas, cuentos cortos y artículos periodísticos’ incluye diez cartas que Concepción Gimeno escribió al actor y empresario teatral Manuel Catalina y Rodriguez (1820-1886), siete cuentos y una selección de diecisiete de sus artículos periodísticos más representativos.

Literary Representations of Japan: At the Intersection of David Mitchell and Haruki Murakami’s Worlds

Eugenia Prasol

June 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-674-3
Availability: In stock
108pp. ¦ $50 £41 €46

This book will focus on analyzing the different aspects of Japan's representation in the novels of Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell. It is proven that Murakami creates and recreates Japan without implementing any orientalist features or exotic imagery. In the works of both authors, the intent to depict a new world of Japan stripped of traditional stereotypical traits becomes clear. The difference between Murakami and Mitchell's representation of Japan lies in the difference between Japan as seen by the Japanese and Japan as seen by modern Westerners, but both are 'correct' images of Japan. It is a recreation of the global image of Japan. In that sense, the texts of Murakami and Mitchell are complementary representations of Japan through East-West cultural dialogue. Studying the representations of Japan and Japanese national character helps to understand the role of Murakami and Mitchell in the formation of a new image of Japan, the de-stereotyping of anachronistic ideas about Japanese national exclusivity, enriching by doing so the world literature with new visions of the country and its culture. The purpose of the comparative analysis of English and Japanese literary works performed in this work is to reveal both deep analogies and differences in the representation of the image of Japan, actualizing the national specificity of the texts. This research advances the understanding of how both general and specific components of literary representations of Japan and Japaneseness are manifested in the East-West cultural dialogue.

Seeking to Understand the World: Literary Journalism of Vincent Sheean

Anish Dave, Georgia Southwestern State University

April 2023 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-663-7
Availability: In stock
157pp. ¦ $52 £42 €43

Vincent Sheean, a groundbreaking American foreign correspondent and author, is known for reporting from Europe, North Africa, and Asia, writing news reports, articles, and books. A few books and articles have described Vincent Sheean’s life, and briefly discussed his major nonfiction books. However, no book-length study or article has closely examined his nonfiction books. 'Seeking to Understand the World: Literary Journalism of Vincent Sheean', textually analyzes his five nonfiction, journalistic books to examine them for characteristics of literary journalism. Spanning nearly the entirety of his journalistic career, these books include 'Personal History' (1935), 'Not Peace but a Sword' (1939), 'Between the Thunder and the Sun' (1943), 'Lead, Kindly Light' (1949), and 'Nehru: The Years of Power' (1960). Set in different world areas, the books illuminate events as disparate as the Riffian war, the Spanish Civil War, the infamous Munich pact, the Nazi bombing of London, and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Sheean’s books provide an in-depth, personal look at these and related events. This book includes analysis of Sheean’s works, finding that they have several prominent characteristics of literary journalism: stories and scenes, cohesive structure, lifelike characters, vivid description, well-crafted sentences, immersive reporting, among others.