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The American Idea, Resilience, and Thrivancy Education

Dexter Chapin

ISBN: 978-1-64889-948-5
Availability: Forthcoming
$55 £44 €51

This book is about a path forward, creating cultural resilience so rising generations of Americans can thrive. In 1995, William Strauss and Neil Howe predicted that by 2025, America would be in crisis. It has arrived on schedule. Do we have, or can we develop, the cultural resilience to navigate the crisis, protect and maintain the American Idea, and come out the other side in a better place than we are now? Our resilience depends on the number of alternative paradigms we have available to us, fewer paradigms, less resilience. For fifty years, there has been a dominant, white male, cultural paradigm, driving others to the margins, and slowly devolving into an ideology. Ideologies truncate resilience and preclude Thrivancy. How did we get here and how do we get out?

Power and Politics in Africa: A Boundary Generator

Takuo Iwata, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

ISBN: 979-8-8819-0038-0
Availability: Forthcoming
$56 £45 €52

Africa attracts the world with its potential and challenges in the 21st century. The political situation became more diverse on the African continent than in the 20th century between democracy and authoritarianism and between peace and tragic conflict. Understanding African politics’ engine, logic, and mechanism becomes more meaningful and required. This is a comprehensive book on African Politics and International Relations that focuses on the concept of power by covering politics, geography, sociology, and anthropology perspectives. This book is built through the author’s three decades of fieldwork, document work, and conference presentations in African, Asian, and Western countries. This book is expected to be read by professional academic scholars, graduate and undergraduate students in classrooms, diplomats, government officers, journalists, and NGO staff who want to deepen their understanding of politics and international relations in/with Africa.

Magical Feminism in the Americas: Resisting Female Marginalisation and Oppression through Magic

Abu Shahid Abdullah, East West University

ISBN: 979-8-8819-0025-0
Availability: Forthcoming
$63 £50 €59

Hate speech and abusive behaviour on social media: A cross-cultural perspective

Luiz Valério P. Trindade, IPIE – International Panel on the Information Environment, Switzerland

June 2024 / ISBN: 979-8-8819-0024-3
Availability: In stock
132pp. ¦ $53 £42 €49

The adverse societal impacts of social media platforms comprise a subject of global concern, given that this digital technology has become a breeding ground for the manifestation of varied forms of online harassment and abuse. Yet, most studies exploring this phenomenon have done so predominantly in Anglophone social contexts (notably, the US and the UK). Thus, the present work examines hate speech and abusive behaviour adopting an innovative cross-cultural perspective. To this end, the book analyses a sample of 108 scholarly papers originally published in three non-hegemonic languages (Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) and encompassing 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, and Spain). In this context, the development of this study highlights the relevance of considering cultural, historical and linguistic factors when analysing hate speech and abusive behaviour on social media. By confronting and evaluating findings from different countries and languages, the study sheds light on how cultural norms and language use shape the manifestation and impact of online harassment and abuse. Besides, the study also reveals that social media plays the pivotal dual role of catalyst and vehicle for disseminating hate and abuse. As such, they can bring a series of adverse societal impacts upon individuals, vulnerable social groups, society, and democracy. Ultimately, social media platforms allow offenders the capability to unleash and disseminate aggressive and discriminatory ideologies, attracting numerous like-minded people to subvert and disregard any social convention constraints and norms of conviviality. Consequently, one of social media’s most significant negative impacts is the undermining of social cohesion. Therefore, the present book is of interest to students, established scholars, and researchers in various disciplines, including sociology, criminology, media and communication studies, and digital humanities. Moreover, it is recommended reading for policymakers, leaders of non-governmental organisations, educators, journalists, and anyone interested in learning more about social media’s impacts on people’s lives.

Ser libre era bueno: Dos narrativas de esclavos del caribe angloparlante

Una traducción

Carmen J. Jiménez, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

May 2024 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-917-1
Availability: In stock
288pp. ¦ $83 £67 €78

"Ser libre era bueno: Dos narrativas de esclavos del caribe angloparlante: Una traducción" (Bilingual version English- Spanish) brings to life the stories of Mary Prince and Ashton Warner, two enslaved people from the Caribbean who dictated their narratives to British author Susan Strickland. Prince was the first enslaved woman from the Caribbean to undertake such an endeavor. This bilingual text, with an introduction in Spanish, is not only a valuable resource for researchers and literature students but is also accessible and engaging for other adults, adolescents, and young adults. It offers a unique perspective on the experiences of enslaved people in the Caribbean and their fight for freedom. "Ser libre era bueno: Dos narrativas de esclavos del caribe angloparlante: Una traducción" (Versión bilingüe inglés-español) da vida a las historias de Mary Prince y Ashton Warner, dos esclavos del Caribe que dictaron sus narrativas a la autora británica Susan Strickland. Prince fue la primera mujer esclavizada del Caribe en emprender tal esfuerzo. Este texto bilingüe, con una introducción en español, no sólo es un recurso valioso para investigadores y estudiantes de literatura, sino que también es accesible y atractivo para otros adultos, adolescentes y jóvenes. Ofrece una perspectiva única sobre las experiencias de los pueblos esclavizados en el Caribe y su lucha por la libertad.